Xiaomi Mi 9X: Specs and Price

Xiaomi is continuously introducing new mid-ranged phones for its customers. Until now, Xaomi phones have been appreciated by the customers. Xiaomi is focusing on increasing its performance, camera quality and storage to cater to the needs of customers.


Xiaomi will soon release Xiaomi Mi 9X with advanced and improved features. The phone is expected to be packed with many features that are enough to make it stand among top smartphones. Xiaomi Mi 9X price in Pakistan will come at a reasonable price comparing to what the phone has to offer.


Xiaomi Mi 9X features are described below, have a look.


Large Display Screen


Xiaomi Mi 9X comes with a 6.4-inch large display experience that is a plus point for video game lovers. The bright and large screen of the phone can easily support heavy game graphics, which make the experience more vivid than ever. Movie lovers can also watch their favorite movies in HD on Xiaomi Mi 9X.


Fast Performance


Xiaomi never stops to improve the performance of their phones and Xiaomi Mi 9X is no exception. Xiaomi Mi 9X is powered by octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor and the 6 GB RAM with it further increases its speed.


Battery Timing


Xiaomi Mi 9X is powered by a 3,300 mAh battery and has 4 times faster-charging ability. So, those people who love watching videos, playing games and taking photos, this is the phone for you. The 4 times faster-charging capability of the phone makes it ideal for heavy usage.




Xiaomi Mi 9X comes with a 48+13+8 megapixel primary camera and 32- megapixel back camera. If you love taking pictures then you will really like this phone. The camera of Xiaomi Mi 9X is so advanced that it can help with polishing your photography skills as well.




Xiaomi Mi 9X comes with 64 GB inbuilt memory which is enough to save high-quality pictures and videos. It also supports heavy graphics games without showing any frequent battery drainage.


Xiaomi Mi 9X Price in Pakistan


Xiaomi Mi 9X comes with a sleek design, efficient memory, and a high-quality camera. The battery of the phone lasts longer as compared to most mid-range phones. Xiaomi Mi 9X has many features that improve its performance. Xiaomi Mi 9X is expected to be offered at a price of Rs. 63,999 in Pakistan. The price of the phone is relatively low as compared to what it is offering.


If you want a phone that is packed with great specifications at a reasonable price then Xiaomi Mi 9X should be at the top of your list.


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