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Shop the Latest Urdu Magazines at Good Prices

We know how bookworms feel as they see a book of their interest. Books are escapes from reality. Each word and every paper reflects creativity, emotion, and wisdom. Goto Pakistan offers such bookworms to walk between the library shelves we have placed on our online store in Pakistan. For your ease, you can filter your searches and shop according to your interests, favorite genres, and topics or the price that suits best for your budget.

Goto online store has a shelf full of Urdu magazines with different categories such as lifestyle, sports, travel, business, culture, fashion, health and fitness, food, science and technology, Politics, and other genres that are waiting for you to be picked and read. We have orderly aligned back to back Urdu magazines where their insides cannot be judged by their covers. Each magazine holds its own world of wonders and answers to short and lifelong questions. Our latest magazine collection has sections of biographies and poetries of well-known writers and poets. You can learn more about your religion by reading religious stories. Learn about the latest gadgets, business happenings, political ups and downs, fashion and so much in a language you’re comfortable with. You can shop the latest Urdu magazines exclusively from Goto online store at affordable prices.

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