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In a country like Pakistan where power breakdowns are as normal as eating food then you have to prepare yourself for such times. Generators and UPS are commonly found in many houses in Pakistan; however, they are still scarce in many areas. If you live in a place where power breakdowns are pretty regular, then buying a generator or a UPS will be the best decision you will ever make for yourself.

A power breakdown can slow down all your work. Imagine working on a laptop at low battery and suddenly the power goes out for straight 2 hours? There is nothing you can do to charge your laptop. It is then you realize how important getting a generator or a UPS is, and if power breakdowns happens regularly then this is your only option.

Generator and UPS are available online at many stores, but how will you know if you are purchasing the right product? That’s the main question!

Generators and UPS price in Pakistan are pretty high, let alone affordable. It is the reason why you should check everything about the product before purchasing it. So, go the extra mile and make sure you purchase the best product.

If you are looking to purchase generators and UPS at best prices then you can find them at Goto’s online store. Apparently, you will not have to pay an arm and length at Goto due to the decent prices they offer to customers.


UPS & Generators at Best Price

One thing that always make people reluctant to purchase an item is the price. When you are making an online purchase, all you want is to spend your money in the right place. You can buy generator online very easily, but are you buying the right product? UPS price in Pakistan might be quite high, so you order it from a foreign website, but will it be the best for you?

Such questions always blow your mind before you click the order now button. Here at Goto, we ensure that our customer get high-quality products at best prices. Our prices are reasonable and we do not cost much in the name of delivery charges as well. Check and explore generator price in Pakistan or UPS price in Pakistan 2019, so you get an idea about how reasonable we are.

If you are located in Karachi, then you can specifically check generator price in Karachi or UPS price in Karachi to get an idea of prices. You will not be disappointed by our rates!


Buy UPS Online in Pakistan

Many people prefer UPS over generators for their house or office. UPS are best for normal usage and especially for houses. So, if you are someone who would not like to deal with a generator can purchase inverter UPS. You can check the UPS inverter price in Pakistan and buy it at the best rates from Goto’s online store.


Buy Generator Online in Pakistan

You can find generators at every place including office, house, hospitals, and other places. Generators come in different sizes and power, which is why they are the best for heavy usage. You can easily purchase a generator from any local store, but if you are looking for generator online then there is no place like Goto. You can buy generators from Goto from high-end brands that also offer brand warranty to customers.

Check the below-mentioned types of generators that you can purchase.


  • 1 KVA Generator

A 1KVA generator is for the most basic use. It can help in lightning up some tube lights, bulbs, TV or such, but you cannot use high power appliances such as AC on it. The 1KVA generator price in Pakistan can vary from brand to brand so purchase it at reasonable rates from Goto.


  • 5 KVA Generator

If you want a generator something just a little above 1 KVA, then you can purchase 5 KVA generator. You can use almost 3 bulbs, tube lights, fans or more. For heavy appliances, you can use AC, computer and refrigerator on it too. Check 5 KVA generator price in Pakistan and shop from Goto at best prices.


  • 10 KVA Generator

Want to light up your whole house? Get the 10 KVA generator for all your needs. You can check 10 KVA generator price in Pakistan and shop from Goto’s online store. Get all you want at best rates!


  • 15 KVA Generator

A 15 KVA generator is a great deal for large houses. If you have more rooms and appliances in your house, then buying a 15 KVA generator might be a good choice for you. Check 15 KVA generator price in Pakistan and get one for yourself today from Goto!


  • 25 KVA Generator

You can also purchase a 25 KVA generator if you have a huge house. There is no hard and fast rule that you can only purchase this generator for large houses. However, it is preferred to purchase generator based on your needs. Check 25 KVA generator price in Pakistan and purchase the best one for yourself.


  • More Types of Generators at Goto

Apart from the above-mentioned generators, you can also purchase small generators, gas generators, or other less-powered generators from Goto. Check gas generator price in Pakistan, China generator price in Pakistan and small generator price in Pakistan and shop from Goto’s online store.

Generator price in Pakistan 2019 might be increased, which is why you might like less-powered generators. If it is the case, then you can check 3KV generator price in Pakistan, 5KV generator price in Pakistan, and 1KV generator price in Pakistan.

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Shop your favorite products from Goto’s online store and get them delivered to you in no time. You can get all you want at reasonable rates from Goto. So, do not waste your time and order now!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I get product warranty?

Goto allow customers to report any defect in the product within 7 days. However, if you purchase a product from a brand, then the brand will bear the product responsibility until the mentioned warranty period.


Which types of generators are best?

Usually, 5KV-10KV generators or gas generators are best for houses as they are easily maintained. You can also check the wide range of generators and UPS at Goto’s online store.


What is the delivery time for UPS?

All the products are delivered to customers within 5-7 working days.

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