Memory Cards – More Space for your Needs

Imagine you are downloading your favourite game on your mobile phone, and suddenly it starts showing up low memory warnings; how would you feel? Terrible, indeed. Buying a mobile phone is not easy; you always have to look for its best specs, among which storage capacity is an important feature. If you run out of memory, then you do not have to worry as memory cards are readily available in the market. 

Memory cards are devices that provide extended space to your mobile phone, laptop or computer devices. It is a way to extend your devices’ memory by 2x, 3x, 4x or more. You can choose from several memory cards that vary in GBs. Memory card price varies by brand and storage capacity; you need to select the one that goes best with your device. 

Micro SD card is the best option for people who perform heavy tasks on their devices or love downloading movies and games on them. Buy SD card online at Goto at best prices from several top brands for best products.  

Here are top memory card brands that you can look up to buy a memory card for yourself.


  • Kingston

If you do not purchase a high-quality SD card, then there is no point in investing so much money on this product. Poor quality memory cards can corrupt at any time, causing you to lose your data in an instant. Kingston is one of the top brands manufacturing tech products that are innovative and high quality. So, if you are looking to buy memory card online, then you can check Goto to purchase Kingston products at best affordable rates.


  • Konfulon

Data transfer is a significant issue with a lot of devices, but not anymore. Konfulon is another top name in the market that offers amazing quality USB adapters and connectors for instant data transfer. Having a memory card option is not present in every device; therefore, USB connectors help in easily transferring data to let you have extra space in your device. Buy memory cards from Konfulon, and you will not regret it ever. 


  • Remax

If you are looking for something reasonable and premium quality, then Remax is the brand for you. You can buy from a list of best micro SD card for yourself from their online store or Goto. Purchase the best for you from the best!


  • Samsung

Samsung does not need any introduction when it comes to producing top-quality products. You can rely on Samsung for providing fantastic quality memory cards, connectors and more for their customers. To purchase authentic Samsung memory cards online in Pakistan, visit Goto’s online store.


  • Sandisk

If you do not want to buy from any of the memory mentioned above card brands, then you can also check Sandisk’s products. At their store, you will get memory card available in different storage capacities, so you have a more excellent choice for your need. Although one of the best, but their products are a little expensive, which might be troublesome for some people.


  • Sony

Sony is one of the oldest brands that came up with the idea of mobile phones, and since then, they are making top-notch products for customer convenience. If you are looking for a mobile phone memory card or other devices, then Sony is the most affordable option for you. Purchase authentic products from Goto and get them delivered at your doorstep.


  • Transcend

Last, but not the least. Transcend is another famous name for tech products from where you can purchase amazing quality memory cards in varying capacities. To buy micro SD memory cards online, you can visit Goto’s online store to check memory cards by Transcend.


Shop Memory Cards Online at Best Prices

Goto is offering good quality memory cards with brand warranty. You can choose from a range of memory cards based on their storage capacity. Following are the different storage memory cards that you can purchase from Goto.

  • 8GB Memory Card
  • 16GB Memory Card
  • 32GB Memory Card
  • 64GB Memory Card
  • 128GB Memory Card
  • 256GB Memory Card
  • 512GB Memory Card

If you are someone who performs a lot of heavy tasks, download massive graphics games, movies or other files then 256GB and 512GB will be the best for you. On the other hand, if you do not use your phone for this purpose then buying 8GB, 16GB or 32GB will be enough for you.

For PCs and laptops, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB is the most appropriate choice for you. You can perform a lot of tasks without facing any low storage signs. So, grab the best offer from Goto as soon as possible.


Grab the Best Memory Cards For You!

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