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Home & Lifestyle – Your Surrounding Matters!

Getting a house of your dreams is not enough unless you make that place worth living. You need a lot of décor items in your house, including bedding, comfort, kitchen appliances, and much more. What happens when you come home from a tiring day at the office? You want to jump on to your bed and sleep like a baby until the next morning, but this is not enough. A home is not home unless it feels like one. You can add colours and class to your house through home décor only.

If you are looking to purchase the best quality home bedding, home cleaning products and much more from online stores, then you are at the right place. Goto is one place where you can shop for almost anything from your house essentials to clothing. You name it, and Goto has it!

Apart from housing, if you are looking for excellent quality kitchen and dining products, then you can shop them from Goto at best prices. Give your kitchen a smart look by adding smart kitchen appliances in it. Work faster and in a much easier way without any hassle by purchasing amazing kitchen products from our store.

Not only this, but you can also buy other home & lifestyle products at incredible prices without having to go to the market. From lightning products to laundry products, Goto has got everything covered for you!


Shop from the Best Online Bedding Store

Your bedroom must be a place where you feel comfortable, calm, and peaceful. If any of these attributes are missing from your bedroom, then there is something wrong with it. The first thing that comes to mind on speaking of bedroom comfort is the bed in your room.

Often people spend hundreds and thousands on a bed but never feel satisfied or comfortable with it. It can either be because of the mattress or maybe the bed does not go well with your room’s décor.

Check Goto online store for amazing beds for your bedroom. You will find different brand beds in outstanding designs that are aesthetic enough to go amazingly well with your bedroom. So, stop wasting time in the markets and shop from Goto. Get your products delivered to you in no time.


Home Furniture Online in Pakistan

The home furniture is not limited to beds only. You will have to purchase a lot of other home essentials when you are looking to decorate your house on your own. For a dining room, you might need a dining table and chairs; whereas, for a bedroom, bedroom furniture is what you look for.

If you are looking for furniture online, then there is no better place than Goto. Here you can find all the furniture for the home, including tables, sofa set, beds, chairs, and much more at reasonable rates. Also, don’t forget the home-delivery that you will get on placing your orders. What’s better than saving the efforts and buying the home furniture online in Pakistan without any hassle? So, do not waste time and start filling up your carts now!

Check furniture price in Pakistan at Goto and compare it with others to see how reasonable rates we are offering. Buying home décor online in Pakistan can be tough, so make it easy by shopping from Goto! 


Build a Garden of Your Dreams – Buy Home Garden Products

Everyone loves having a garden in their house for fresh air and cosy evenings. If you are nature-lover and loves having your garden at your house, then shop for the perfect garden products from Goto's online shop.

You can purchase a garden table and chairs at reasonable prices along with getting them delivered to you at your doorstep. Visit Goto and bring out the beauty of your garden by adorning it with the perfect products for its decoration.


DIY House Products for Everyone

Where many people purchase high-quality products, some prefer DIY products that have more value than money. If you are buying home décor online, then you might come across a lot of people that sell home décor products made by them. You can check Goto to purchase such products at amazing prices for your house. Do not waste time and grab the best products from Goto before the stock runs out!


Home & Lifestyle Online Shopping in Pakistan

Goto is a single market where you can purchase all you want with just one click. Apart from the products mentioned above, you can also buy home décor accessories at pretty reasonable rates. Check home cleaning tools in Pakistan at Goto and shop away top products from top brands.

You can also purchase home bath products at best price from Goto along with lightning products for your house. Check lightning products price in Pakistan and dining products price in Pakistan then compare it with others to see the difference.

The home décor price in Pakistan can be high, but Goto ensures high quality at affordable rates so, do not miss the chance and shop as much as you want!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From what brands can I shop from Goto?

Goto has a lot of top brands on its online store including Al-Fajar, Bosch, Habitt and many others for you to shop from.


What are the delivery charges for home décor products?

Goto charges minimal delivery charges for its products. You will not have to pay extra for large appliances or products.


How will long will it take to deliver the products?

Goto takes around 5-7 working days to deliver the products.


What if I receive a damaged product?

You can make a refund/return request through our customer service representative.


Do I get any warranty for the products I order from Goto?

Goto does not bear any blame if the manufacturing quality is compromised; however, you can claim the brand warranty that comes with the product.

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