Beauty and Efficiency for A Perfect Home

Old and reliable, durable and power pack, a popular brand of Pakistan, Waves. Serving the humanity since 1970, Waves was the first company to introduce deep freezers into the market. Since then, the introduction of innovative products one after another, each promising quality and excellence, each designed to provide with ease and luxury, is what making Waves the best.

High quality and aesthetics is the key feature of Waves over which they never compromise in any of their products. Goto offers you with the amazing product line of Waves online so that you could have the best even by sitting at home.


Waves Microwave Oven price in Pakistan:

The long wait for the meat to defrost so that you can cook, or the merely the task of warming up your food, is all made easy with the fine range of Waves Microwave Ovens. Including the amazing features like built-in recipes which would help you cook tempting scrumptious meal within minutes, defrosting which would penetrate heat in the center of food rather than outer layers, power layer setting to cater a variety of cooking and grilling, all the microwave ovens from Waves are the absolute solution to all your cooking problems.


Waves Refrigerators price in Pakistan:

The pioneers of glass door refrigerators provide you with a sleek and stylish range of refrigerators which would not only beautify your home but also provide with efficiency and durability. Waves introduced the first full glass door series with strong and durable 4mm glass shelves, glass balconies which are less prone to breakage and cracking. With other brilliant features like 100% copper winding compressor to drop the heat losses and intensify the functionality along with the ability to bear low voltage fluctuation issues without damaging the appliance and a tight seal grip to keep the items inside fresh and healthy, Waves refrigerators are the must-have in every kitchen.


Waves Deep Freezers price in Pakistan:

Deep freezers are the front running appliance of Waves. Goto Pakistan offers you a complete variety of deep freezers from waves which with their specially designed fast cooling system, maintains the freshness of your fruits and vegetables for long. With other amazing features like rust free EMBO sheet, thick insulated body, durable copper coiling and strong hinges, makes these deep freezers durable and immune to external factors.


Waves Air Conditioners price in Pakistan:

Cold or hot, Waves is there to rescue. Goto Pakistan offers you with an intelligent range of Full DC Inverters which provides with dual functionality of air conditioner and heater. The smart appliance controls the speed of compressor. The compressor automatically detects when the room has reached the required temperature and stops, thus saving the energy. It switches back on when the desired temperature varies. Waves Air Conditioners work perfectly well even under low voltage and provides with efficient performance even when the voltage ranges between 100v to 240v.


Waves Washing Machine price in Pakistan:

Single tub or double, Waves Pakistan has it all. Goto Pakistan offers you with a spectacular range of Waves Washing Machines which offer you with amazing functionality even under low voltage. Waves Washing Machines offer brilliant features like shock proof body to ensure your safety, water filter to prevent dirt, algae and any other residual material from harming your clothes, powerful gear motor and 3 turbo jet water falls resulting in quick filling up as clean water is poured equally from all sides. Ease out your lives and shop online the amazing waves washing machines today from Goto at amazing prices in Pakistan.

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