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The Enchantments of Urdu Literature

Books are a uniquely portable magic. Even the most boring events or places could become thrilling and entertaining if you have the right book by your side. Books let you travel worlds and lives by just sitting at your home. A reader lives a million lives, dies a thousand deaths and fall in love again and again. That is the magic of books. The most intriguing fact about them is that no matter how close or far apart 2 people are, they would never conceive even a single book in the same way, yet love it with every bit of their heart.

Reading is a sweet escape from your own world of worries and happiness into someone else’s. Urdu literature has outdone itself when it comes to its contribution towards literature and society. Urdu authors have produced their work on such sensitive topics which compels every single person of the society to rethink what they set as standard and what they value. While on the other hand, they have also given fictional novels with the storyline so strong and appealing that we would want to finish it up in one go but also cry over the fact that it ended.

Goto Pakistan has established a fine collection of Urdu novels, poetry and biographies. Providing you with the amazing work of the most renown writers like Ashfaq Ahmed, Umaira Ahmed, Allama Iqbal, Jon Elia and many others with whom every literate and knowledgeable person is familiar.

Goto offers you your favorite Urdu digest novels and biography books in the best quality from the finest book retailers in Pakistan, like, Liberty Books, Paramount, Darussalam Publishers, Favy and various others.

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