Time to Clean Up Your Car with Turtle Wax Pakistan Products

Want your vehicle to look showroom fresh? Well, no need to go to mechanics or company car cleaning services every week. Now you can do everything at home with just a few products that don’t even cost so much. Let us introduce you to Turtle Wax Pakistan.

Turtle Wax has launched award-winning products i.e. waxes, rubbing or polishing compounds, shiner sprays, washers and so much more that are perfect for all sorts of the vehicle. They are not only renowned in the international automotive industry but in Pakistan as well. Check out their cleaning range only from at reasonable prices.


Turtle Wax Exterior Products

Remove stubborn stains and heavy oxidations from your vehicle’s bumper, bonnet, wheel cap, tires, windows, headlights, grille, and other exterior parts. We offer you Turtle Wax rubbing or polishing compounds, waxes, shiner sprays, washers in forms of liquid and paste. Turtle Wax products protect your vehicle from UV rays. They restore the sleekness and beauty of your car with a mirror-like shine.

How to use? Step 1, shake well and apply evenly onto a dry surface. Step 2, let it soak for few minutes and step 3, wipe it off and repeat these steps to cover other wide areas. Isn’t this simple? To achieve a showroom like fresh car, you can buff gently with a Turtle Wax microfiber cloth that is also available on our online store at reasonable prices.

These products have strong ingredients that lock shine and smoothness. Turtle Wax liquid or paste formulas are scented with pleasing fragrances. Moreover, Turtle Wax has recently introduced Jet black sprayers especially designed for black cars that fill light swirl marks. They add a deep rich black shade; hence, they are best for faded colors.


Turtle Wax Interior Products

Turtle Wax latest interior collection brings a natural shine to your vehicle’s interior parts such as the leather or other fabric upholsteries, carpets, floor mats, dashboard, windows or screens and others. Turtle Wax conditioning wipes and protectants have powerful all in one feature. Some of their interior products also come with detachable brush caps for easy cleaning. They can fight back stains, eliminate odors, and prevent fading or cracking. Turtle Wax interior products are made out of non-greasy formulas that can be used for trunks, vents, and carpets.

Furthermore, Goto also offers you Turtle Wax new pet mess kit that removes dirt, urine, hair, and odors of animals. It is crafted with a non-toxic enzymatic and safe formula. Shop them now from Goto Pakistan at reasonable prices.


Turtle Wax Solutions

Turtle Wax solutions are easy applications designed to remove scratches, swirls, and oxidations. They are ideal for headlights, scratch repair, trim compounds, bugs, tar and other special cleaning purposes. Turtle Wax Kits are a smart way to shield your car. Prevent rust, corrosions and protect your vehicle’s paint. They are good for all metal surfaces such as chrome, billet, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.

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