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Lux Breast Cancer Awareness

Goto goes pink

12% of women around the world are likely to be affected by Breast Cancer, and Pakistan has the highest no. of cases of Breast Cancer than any other country in Asia. As a Pakistani company, we at Goto feel a responsibility to help create awareness about this disease in our community. October is internationally designated to be breast cancer awareness month and women around the world wear pink on the 18th to inspire a larger conversation on the topic and help create awareness. Lets join in on the conversation to help women in Pakistan and around the world this month, and all months to come.


  • Find Out Your Family History
  • Keep your Weight in Check
  • Be Physically Active
  • Breastfeed, If Possible
  • Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables

A public service message by Goto

Goto does not endorse any charity or medical organisation/practitioner, and it is recommended that adequate research/background checks be conducted when approaching anyone listed here or otherwise.