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Can you go out with your clothes torn out or stitching coming out? No, you certainly cannot. Not only do you feel embarrassed when you tore clothes, but it is also very shameful when somebody points it out for you. You cannot go to the tailor to stitch even a small piece of clothing, which is why you must have sewing machines at your home.

In traditional times, learning stitching was as important as learning cooking. Usually, daughters were given a sewing machine in their wedding as well. You can count on the importance of the sewing machine for a long time.

If you are planning on learning stitching or gifting a sewing machine to someone, then you can check out the latest collection of a sewing machine at Goto. You will find a lot of top quality sewing machines at Goto that you cannot say no to. All of them come with exceptional quality and also works well for a very long time.

Sewing machines are easy to handle and portable; however, silai machines and JUKI machines are heavy weighted. Due to this reason, mini sewing machines are also available on Goto’s store so everyone can find something for themselves.


High-Quality Sewing Machine Online

When we shop from online stores, the first thing that hit our mind is if we can trust the brand. Goto is an e-commerce website with hundreds of customers buying every day from here. You will find a lot of customer reviews on our products, which proves that we provide only high-quality products to our customers. So, if you have any doubts about the quality, you can leave it to us.

Not just sewing machines, but you will find a lot of products on our online shopping platform. You can choose from a wide range of silai machine and JUKI machine for yourself or gift someone else. These sewing machines come at different prices, with the JUKI sewing machine to be a little more expensive. Also, it depends on the vendor from where you plan to purchase your product.

We offer products from branded and unbranded stores. You can find a tag with every product when you open them, so order wisely and invest your money in the right place. We make sure our customers receive fantastic quality products at reasonable rates, which is why we sell products from unbranded stores as well. Despite being unbranded, we make sure that the product has no fault in it. Hence, you can shop without any care from Goto.


Silai Machine Price in Pakistan

The sewing machine is locally known as the silai machine in Pakistan. Silai machines are heavy and large as compared to mini sewing machines. Despite being heavy and large, you can carry sewing machines with you anywhere you want. Want to do stitching on your bed? Get your silai machine on your bed. Basically, you can carry it with you wherever you want. Check the silai machine price at Goto and compare it with others to see the difference.


JUKI Machine Price in Pakistan

JUKI machines are industrial sewing machines that are used for high-end stitching. They are faster than normal silai machines and offer exceptional performance. Even though they are tailor-use sewing machines, but you can also use them as household sewing machines. JUKI sewing machine is convenient to use and can be purchased from local shops as well. Check the JUKI sewing machine price in Pakistan and buy it at the best price from Goto.


Mini Sewing Machine Price in Pakistan

Apart from these machines, you can also purchase mini sewing machines for your use. These machines are handy and portable, which is why people usually prefer them for household stitching. You can check the best quality mini sewing machines from Goto and fill your cart with the best ones. You do not have to worry about the quality because we Goto make sure that the best products are delivered to customers.


Sewing Machines at Best Prices

So, are you planning to buy a sewing machine for yourself? You should make a list of the things you want in it. Also, make a budget and select the one that lies in it. Shop from Goto’s exceptional products and get your everyday work done in no time. Once you shop from Goto, you will keep coming back to all for all your purchases. Do not worry about the quality and the pricing; just visit the website or order from our application. Sewing machine price in Pakistan can vary from brand to brand, but it will still be a lot affordable as compared to others. Just visit the website or order from our Android application today.


Order Now & Get Fast Home Delivery

Save your fuel and let us deliver your product to you at a lower price. We make sure to deliver all the products to our customers in no time. The delivery time takes between 5-7 working days, so you don’t have to wait for a long time. All you have to do is pay a minimum delivery charges that can vary from product to product. No matter how small or large, make your purchase and leave the rest of it to us.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I do if I receive a defected product?

Goto entertains requests involving a defect in the product. If you find your product defected, then you can file your complaint at our call center. You can apply for either return/refund in case of the defect being verified.


What are the payment options at Goto?

You can either pay through cash on delivery or debit/credit card.


Do I get any brand warranty?

Goto allows customers to contact the call center within 7 days of receiving the product in case of any defect in it. However, if there is a manufacturing fault, then the customer will have to claim the brand warranty. You will get brand warranty with several products. You can check the details to see if there is a brand warranty for the product.


Can I collect the product from the warehouse?

No. Goto is not currently offering the pick-up service. All the products are delivered to customers by us.


How can I contact the customer service executive?

You can call on the call center (111-114-686) or talk through the live chat option on the website for quick assistance.

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