Samsung Galaxy View2 Review

Samsung Galaxy View2: Full Specifications and Features


Tablet or a TV?


Samsung Galaxy View2 is expected to release soon in Pakistan. The tablet comes with a large 17-inch screen that makes Samsung Galaxy View2 look like a small TV. This is not it , the display is paired with a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution to make the videos and images look sharper and clearer. Watching videos and movies on Samsung Galaxy View2 becomes a great experience due to its huge display screen. One can enjoy high-quality movies on Samsung Galaxy View2 without the need of a LED TV.


Full Battery at All Times


Battery is no doubt the top concern of many Samsung devices but, Samsung Galaxy View2 comes with 12,000 mAh battery that extends the battery life to more than 24 hours. Now you can watch movies and videos for up to several hours without the fear of battery draining out. One can even carry the tablet for picnics or have movie nights due to its long battery life.




Samsung Galaxy View2 comes with a 5-megapixels camera for selfies that offers sufficient quality pictures. The tablet comes with no camera at the back, which is the downside of Samsung Galaxy View2.


Smarter than Ever


What makes this tablet special is that it operates on Exynos 7884 chipset that is not often used in smartphones or tablets. The chipset is paired with a Octa-core processor which contributes to the tablet’s high speed. Often, Samsung smartphones and tablets have the issues of lags but the Exynos chipset offers no lags that make the tablet stand out among similar tablets under the same price. It comes with 64 GB of internal storage and 3 GB RAM that helps in saving videos and HD pictures without running out of memory.


Additional Features


Samsung Galaxy View2 supports 2G, 3G, and 4G bands. It also comes with a card slot that offers additional storage up to 400 GB. Samsung Galaxy View2 will definitely make your entertainment experience worthwhile with the stereo loudspeakers embedded in it.


Samsung Galaxy View2 Price in Pakistan


Samsung Galaxy View2 comes at a price of Rs. 104,999 in Pakistan. The affordable price of the Samsung Galaxy View2, makes it even more appealing to the users. The tablet has a lot to offer at such price and can be found on


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