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That horrifying moment when you’re at a party, holding your baby in arms and the pamper leaks… This is one of the situations non-Pampers Pakistan mothers face during their motherhood.

Pampers Pakistan is like a guardian angel in such situations. They produce high-quality and clinically approved diapers, wipes and pants that are soft, stretchable and have maximum absorbing quality. They are ultra-comfy letting your child crawl, walk or jump effortlessly. Pampers diapers and pants have extra linings that keep dirt and wetness away up to 12 hours from your baby’s skin. They have a color-changing wetness indicator that lets you know that it’s about time pamper has to be changed.

Pampers splasher pants are good for all water activities as they don’t swell underwater. Moreover, they are stretchable and easy to remove from your child’s body. Pampers under jams are bedtime underwear that let your child sleep comfortably. Under jams have maximum absorbing quality letting your baby’s body dry overnight.

Pampers Pakistan is your child’s well-wisher. They have good quality plastic feeding bottles, training cups and venting bottles for children of all ages available on our online store at good prices.

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