ITEL Phones Price in Pakistan

A big wide world with billions of people and millions of places to be are all connected together by the big web of mobile phones. From villages to states, from homes to offices, from jungles to laboratories, all are connected together by this widespread technology of phones. Smart or not, a phone is a medium of communication that has made lives easier than aimed.

ITEL is a popular and reliable brand in Pakistan that aims to make these communications and activities easier and better through its production of the best phones. ITEL produces an exclusive range of smartphones and feature phones which encloses some of the most amazing features inside a sleek and stylish body.


ITEL Smartphones Price in Pakistan:


ITEL A Series Price in Pakistan:

The absolutely wonderful A-series ITEL smartphones is a complete showstopper. Each of the cellphones is ultimately amazing. The A-series offer you with a wonderful feature such as high definition camera, sufficient internal storage, faster processing, sleek and stylish display screen, long lasting battery and much other that one could ever desire in a smartphone.


ITEL Powerpro Price in Pakistan:

Have a power pack phone just inside your pocket. With ITEL powerpro, you get access to ultimate power and robustness. The ITEL powerpro is a phone like no other that offers amazingly fast processing and is always on because of its 500 mAh battery with power bank support, inclusive of the latest android version and a truly beautiful camera in an absolutely alluring display device, powerpro is without a doubt the best smartphone.


ITEL S Series Price in Pakistan:

Not every good thing takes time when you the exquisite S series phones from ITEL. All the phones of S-series are inclusive of the fastest processor along with sufficient RAM that makes your phone experience swift and smooth. S-series cellphones come with more than sufficient internal storage and a camera that redefines your selfie experience. Now be productive and do more at once with the best ever INTEL S-series.


ITEL WISH Price in Pakistan:

With the ITEL WISH Series, make your every wish come true. It is an easy access to smarter connectivity. It allows you to store whatever you want without worrying about the internal storage and perform swiftly and smartly on your phone with high processor and RAM. Take magnificent pictures and stay in style all the time with the beautiful WISH series cellphones from ITEL.


ITEL Smart Keypad Phones Price in Pakistan:


ITEL New Launch Price in Pakistan:

The new launch of smart keypad phones from ITEL redefines the old school feature phones. Immerse in the magic of long-lasting battery with a fine display screen and soft keypad that lets you listen up the music to fullest and provides easier and better connectivity. With other great features of backlight and FM, this series is the ultimate favorite.


ITEL Shine Price in Pakistan:

With features like vast internal storage that lets you store numerous contacts and pictures, wireless FM and sleek and stylish display with soft keypad, the Shine series actually makes you shine with its truly beautiful phones.


ITEL Smartpower Price in Pakistan:

Packed with power and amusements, the ITEL smart power series comes with a big screen display with a soft keyboard that has dedicated music keys so that music is literally just a click away. Not only this, but this series also come up with expandable storage and sharing options that make this series the best.


ITEL smart selfie Price in Pakistan:

Take phenomenal selfies even in the lowest lights. This series has just the right size display screen along with the stylish keyboard. Manage your contacts or have the perfect gaming experience, this series plays excellently in all fields.

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