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Ink Cartridges & toners Prices in Pakistan

Just like how we need inks in our ink pens, printers also require ink or some other material to function only the cartridges last longer but the ink in our pens doesn’t. The cartridges are printer accessories that contain the ink or in case of laser printers, toner powder, for printing objects. Cartridges are actually an expensive item but they last us a considerable amount of time.

Toner Cartridges are used in laser printers which contain the toner powder which helps with the laser printing. Laser powder is a plastic powder that melts and forms the print on printing paper due to the heat of the electrostatic technology of laser printers. They are a consumable printer accessory but can last you quite a good period of time. They help the laser printers print top quality and finest graphic images and prints, however, they are not very affordable. The price of a single laser toner can reach up to as much as Rs.22000.

Other type of cartridge is ink cartridge which contains the ink that desk jet or ink jet printers use to print the object. Ink cartridges are very affordable as compared to toner cartridges and can also last a good period of time. However, there is one drawback; since they use liquid ink sometimes the printed objects’ ink gets smeared if the ink is still wet. Other than that they are pretty reliable and not too hard on your budget. These cartridges mostly have to deal with household printing needs.

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