Buy Ibico Office Products Online in Pakistan

Ibico is a renowned and well trusted Pakistani brand which specializes in manufacturing and supplying different office supplies and. Ibico was established in 1986 and since then has been a pioneer brand in providing top quality equipment to happy and loyal customers throughout Pakistan. Ibico office product offerings include Ibico Shredders, Ibico Laminators, Ibico Binding Machines, Ibico Bindings Tapes, Ibico Neck Bands, Ibico RFID Cards and Ibico Biometrics. Buy all Ibico office products online in Pakistan from Goto with best prices.


Ibico Shredders Price in Pakistan

Office life, despite plenty of computer work, also involves loads of paper work. Today offices observe many meetings in which there is large use of paper for reports, projects and other documents and if you don’t have a proper disposal system, the paper trash can take quite a bit of space in your office. As a solution to this problems, today, we have shredders which are devices used to shred paper into small and tiny pieces which makes their organization and disposal a lot easier. If you are here looking for some good quality paper shredders, Ibico is right here for you. Ibico offers its exceptional collection of Ibico shredders. All of Ibico shredders come in various styles and designs with different cutting styles, shredding capacity and shredding size. Buy the best Ibico shredder according to your need today from Goto.


Ibico Laminators Price in Pakistan

Whether it’s for school certificates for children or for important office documents that you need a laminator, you don’t have to worry. Laminators are used to preserve an important paper into double sided fused plastic so that it cannot be damaged. Protect your personal or business files, papers and honor certificates today by buying Ibico laminators online in Pakistan.


Ibico Binding Machines Price in Pakistan

Binding machines are used to compile and seal together a set of papers and documents. Binders are not only used in office but today in Pakistan many students also require binding services throughout the year. That is because their books have a weak binding. Whether you require Ibico binding machines for your daily or occasional office use or for your school and university needs, Ibico has got you covered. Ibico offers its top quality and first ever collection of Binding machines. All the Ibico binding machines have spiral binding technology and allow you to punch customizable holes. Buy Ibico binding machines today from Goto with best prices.


Ibico Binding Tapes Price in Pakistan

Binding, aside from machines, is also done using Binding tapes to execute the Binding process on small scale. All Ibico binding tapes have high adhesiveness and stickiness and are made with top quality and firm material which will ensure enduring binding of your documents and books. All Ibico binding tapes are available in many colors ranging from silver to greens and blues.


Ibico Neck Bands Price in Pakistan

In our professional and student life we are always required to place a band in our necks with which a card is attached, giving information about our current organizational identity and belonging. Since this band is quite essential in student or office life, Ibico stepped in to grab this opportunity to make Top quality and durable Ibico neck bands. The product offering includes Ibico Silky neck bands, Ibico cotton neck bands and Ibico car jackets to hold your cards in. Buy these Ibico neck bands today from Goto online in Pakistan with best prices.


Ibico RFID Cards Price in Pakistan

Ibico also offers plain RFID cards which can be printed by them with employee or student information on demand to be used for your educational or professional purposes.


Ibico Biometric Machines Price in Pakistan

Ibico also specializes in a very important and essential office device which is biometric machines. Mostly offices’ payroll is managed through an automatic time attendance machine which uses the biometric info of employees to check if they are absent or present. Ibico Biometric machines offerings include face, finger, card and pin biometric system with different latest technology interfaces and LED touch screens where each one carries different amount of log, pin and card capacities. Buy your own Ibico biometrics online in Pakistan.

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