Haier 13 - CFT Double Door Deep Freezer - 385 L HDF-385H White

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Key Features

  • Capacity: 13 CFT
  • Capacity: 385L
  • Voltage: 220v/50Hz
  • 100 Hours Freezing without Electricity
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AHM Enterprises (Karachi)


Founded in 1984, Haier Group is the world leading brand of major household appliances (Source: Euromonitor), and is now transforming from a traditional household appliance manufacturer into an open platform for entrepreneurship. In the Internet and post e-commerce era, Haier is devoted to transforming into a truly networked company to build an ecosystem of shared creative and win-win results. Withsocialnomics as the companys guide, a foundation in user value interaction, and a core competitiveness of trust, Haier is set to become an IoT leader.Unique Features!Tired of your old refrigerator and freezer that dont cool much and leave your food completely dried out and with fungi all over it? Feel appalled by the mixed odor of different foods due to lack of compartments? Its time to throw your old appliances out and bring home a new refrigerator and freezer that is equipped with advanced, super cooling technology that will allow you to maintain necessary moisture and humidity in your food to keep them fresh. Remember, your familys health comes above everything, which is why you need Next Gen appliances in your kitchen.Highly Efficient & Less Bills!This refrigerator is the biggest example of perfection as they're made by cutting edge Japanese innovators. This refrigerator offers more storage room, advanced cooling execution and augments storage room for nourishment of different shapes and sizes. Enhancing temperature control in light of ecological conditions, and even builds storage room without influencing the cooler, safeguarding the flavors and freshness.Fast Cooling & Fresh Food!It has been made to ensure that consumer's get what they deserve. This refrigerator has fast cooling function, you get the best results in less bill. This refrigerator doesn't consume much bill even when it provides you with the best. So, now you can avail all the qualities you want from it without much bills.Easy to MoveSo smooth and high quality durable wheels enable Freezer to easily move and place even without making it empty. Haier Double Door Deep Freezer - 385 L HDF-385H White Exclusively Available on goto.com.pk

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What's in the box?

  • 1 x Deep Freezer
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x User Manual

3.8 6 Ratings &
6 Reviews

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  • 4.0 By yawar 9 months ago

    it is double door deep freezer i like this

  • 4.0 By unaiza naima 9 months ago

    value is nice of this i like this a lot.

  • 4.0 By huma 9 months ago

    value is amazing of this.

  • 4.0 By jaffar maaz 9 months ago

    discount is amazing

  • 4.0 By erum 9 months ago

    this offers more storage room it is good

  • 3.3 By ghazala 10 months ago

    My favourite