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Pamper yourself with the organic and exceptional products of Garnier. Garnier Pakistan provides a perfect range of makeup, hair care, and skin care products, which through its sensational formulae blend together the natural ingredients to provide you with blooming beauty and fresh skin for both men and women.


Garnier Pakistan provides you with a complete variety of skincare routine. With its carefully developed astonishing formula, it provides faces washes, face masks, makeup and makeup removers which leaves your skin looking fresher and healthier despite your skin type.

GARNIER LIGHT & RADIANT PRICE IN PAKISTAN: brighten your skin by lightening the unwanted dark spots and stubborn marks with this power pack range. Garnier Light & Radiant products range to include a fairness face wash, scrub, day cream and night cream. This range helps you to recover clear and radiant skin. This range is packed with lemon essence, vitamin C and whitening microbeads which gently scrubs out the dull skin and evenly tones your skin. The day cream provides with SPF 17 protections which smoothen and refines your skin revealing out fresh and glowing skin. The night cream provides you with literally beauty sleep and reduces your marks and spots and works all night to renew fresh, smooth and radiant skin in the morning.

GARNIER PURE ACTIVE PRICE IN PAKISTAN: this chain provides with the nourishment of organic ingredients to pamper your skin with the best. The pure active neem face wash is made with neem extracts and tea tree oil which nourishes your skin to deeper layers fading out your dark spots and fighting against acne. Pure Active 3in1 Face Wash/Scrub/Mask hydrates and protects your skin by eliminating excess sebum and unclogs your pores which clears your skin and evens out your skin tone and gives you clear and fresh skin. With pure active BB Cream (pure active) light & medium, achieve perfect skin instantly and helps to boost healthy glow, blurs lines and tones skin evenly, giving a matte finish look to your skin. And last product of this range is a Pure active apricot scrub, nourish your skin with the power of exfoliating apricot beads and get glowing and smooth skin naturally.

GARNIER BB CREAM PRICE IN PAKISTAN: this magician comes for all skin tones and types, providing you with an instant brightening and glowing formula which instantly hide all the zits and marks of your skin providing you with an absolutely beautiful and flawless skin. BB Pure Active Light & Medium, BB Tube Light & Medium, and BB Classic Light & Medium are the 3 packaging it comes into. It is a 5in1 miracle skin that evens skin tone, blurs lines and blemishes, boosts healthy glow, moisturizes and provides SPF protection.

GARNIER MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER PRICE IN PAKISTAN: Garnier Pakistan has formulated an all-rounder which serves as all in 1 cleanser. With the help of micelles, this cleansing water helps to eliminate makeup and other impurities from your skin in just one wipe. It is perfect for all the skin types leaving no rashes or reactions behind and making your skin deeply cleansed. It is a 2 in 1 product which not only removes your makeup but also cleanses out your skin.

This lifesaver also comes in form of travel size wipes which can easily fit in your favorite bag and can be carried and used whenever you want.

GARNIER HYDRABOMBS PRICE IN PAKISTAN: With these effective and light sheets, hydrate your skin and provide them with instant hydration, nourishment, and care. Select the best mask for your skin type from the Chamomille Tissue Mask, Sakura Tissue Mask, and Pomegranate Tissue Mask and provide your skin with an amazing experience.


GARNIER COLOR NATURALS PRICE IN PAKISTAN: Fall in love with rich, vibrant and long-lasting hair color range of Garnier Color Naturals and make your hair look and feel amazing. With the infusion of rose oil and conditioners, Garnier Pakistan’s Color Naturals promises to make your hair healthier and glossier than before.

GARNIER FRUCTIS PRICE IN PAKISTAN: Discover what a perfect blend of fruits and vitamins can do to your hair with Garnier Fructis. Let your hair be long and strong with the help of Garnier Fructis products like Sleek and Shine, Moisture Lock, Curl Nourish and many other shampoos, conditioners, and treatments.

GARNIER WHOLE BLEND PRODUCTS PRICE IN PAKISTAN: With the thoughtfully crafted formula infused with selected natural ingredients and unique fragrances each of our hair shampoo, conditioner and treatment are made to help you restore the health and shine of your hair. With products like Argan Cranberry Color Care, Legendary Olive Replenishing, Coconut Cocoa Smoothing and many others, Garnier provides you the solution to all your hair problems.

GARNIER MEN PRODUCTS PRICE IN PAKISTAN: Men skin is exposed too much to dirt and sun which makes their skin hard and rough. Garnier has taken care of this problem and helps all the men around the world to take care of their skin and provide it with the attention it deserves.


GARNIER POWER WHITE PRICE IN PAKISTAN: Garnier Men Power White Double Action Facewash works against pollution and helps your skin to achieve instant whitening. With its enriched formula of Salicylic Active and Vitamin C, it exfoliates your skin and reduces dullness, cleansing it deeply and making your skin look even, radiant and fresh all day long.

GARNIER POWER LIGHT PRICE IN PAKISTAN: cleanse and moisturize your skin with Garnier Men PowerLight Moisturiser and Face Wash. It is the first fairness moisturizer for men which lightens your skin and help you achieve fairer and fresher skin. Prevent your face from sweating and being oily through Garnier Men PowerLight Sweat Oil Control Moisturiser which contains brightening lemon extracts and removes dark dead cells from your skin, revealing visibly radiant and fairer skin.

GARNIER OIL CLEAR PRICE IN PAKISTAN: remove excessive oil from your skin without killing the natural moisture and making it dry through Oil Clear Deep Cleansing Face Wash and achieve oil-free look all day long. With the help of Oil Clear Matcha D-Tox, detoxify your skin from all impurities and make your skin healthy and clean with the power of Matcha green tea with 100x antioxidants and regular green tea, which helps to remove excess oil, dullness, and pollution.

GARNIER ACNO FIGHT PRICE IN PAKISTAN: fight the 6 signs which lead to long-lasting acne problem with the help of AcnoFight Pimple Clearing Face Wash. It helps to control oil, dry pimples, as well as uproots blackheads, tightens pores, reduces redness and lightens marks.