Ford has been a popular name in history when it comes to reliability with style, whether it is about the cars and parts or power equipment. Ford Power Equipment is an officially licensed company of Ford Motors and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power equipment such as generators, pressure washer, and water pumps.


Ford Generators - Industrial Heavy Duty Price in Pakistan: In order to run big firms, you need to be perfect on all the ground and give attention to all the details because that is how the level of responsibility and concern of a reliable organization is determined. Consider running up a big organization with no power backups, so that whenever the power goes out, all you work stops, losing thousands of rupees in a minute. To save yourself from such devastations, you need something powerful that will not only provide backup and support but will also gain your trust through outclass performance. This is where Ford’s Industrial Heavy Duty Generators come into the picture. With minimum peak watts of 3800W and a minimum fuel capacity of 16L, with low oil sensor and powerful features in each variation, Ford offers an amazing range of Industrial Heavy Duty Generators to take care of your firms at the best prices in Pakistan online.


Ford Generators - Consumer Home Use Price in Pakistan: When the power goes out, Ford generators restore the life and light of your home, keeping your home warm or cold and all the errands running. Ford offers various premium Consumer Home Use Generators with phenomenal features like a minimum of 25L capacity of the fuel tank and low oil sensors and minimum displacement of 208cc, the Ford Consumer Home Generators take care of your homes and are available at the most reasonable prices in Pakistan.


Ford Pressure Washers - Gasoline & Electric Price in Pakistan: Cleaning up your house from the inside is not enough, your home needs to clean from outside as well. The pressure washers are basically high-pressure water which helps to remove loose paints, mold, grime, dust, and dirt from the exterior of your house and making it look neat and clean from outside as well. Ford provides with a vast range of pressure washers which include amazingly powerful features all packed in a light body.


Ford Water Pumps - Gasoline Powered Price in Pakistan: With a single cylinder, 4 strokes, OHV, Air cooled engine type, using centrifugal and self-priming pump type and high fuel capacity, Ford provides with the best water pumps that suck out the water efficiently through its wide suction pumps and in no time. Ford provides a variety of Gasoline Powered Water Pumps in the most amazing prices online in Pakistan.

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