There is always satisfaction in having plenty of stationery. The scent of wood and latex which takes over your senses when you open up your pencil box is what drives one crazy. Children or grownups, you don’t need to belong to a particular age group to be fond of stationery. The walks that you take in the stationery aisle is often a walk in heaven’s corridor for the people who have a serious obsession for stationery items.

However, fan or not, you can just never not need stationery. Student life or professional, you’re never too old to use a pencil or pen. To offer you with the finest quality stationery that would give nostalgia to grow-ups and fondness for children, Deer is the brand you should go to.

Deer Pakistan has taken the responsibility to provide the superior quality and durable stationery items which started with the manufacturing of pencils and later on expanded its product range. Deer manufactures wood-cased black lead and color pencils, plywood (polymer) black lead and poly wood color pencils, ballpoint pens, markers, fine liner pens, fountain pens, highlighter pens, poster colors, watercolors, finger paints and geometry boxes.

Goto Pakistan has created a fine collection of all the items from Deer in the most reasonable prices so that you can shop online and buy them from anywhere in Pakistan.


Deer Black Lead Pencils (HB) Price in Pakistan:

It is a fact that a person automatically starts to think well with a pencil in his hand. To pace up with your thoughts and provide you with strong grip Deer Pakistan offers high-quality graphite pencil with high-quality HB lead. Shop for the most amazing and durable lead pencils, safe of kids, from Goto Pakistan at just the right price.


Deer Color Pencils Price in Pakistan:

It is never too late to add the spark of colors in your life or work. Either if you want to give light strokes or smooth fulfilling colors taking up the entire page, Deer Pakistan has an amazing collection of color pencils for you which are available in each and every color that you could ever imagine.


Deer Ball Points Price in Pakistan:

Forget about refilling your fountain pen or shaping up the pencil, just grab a ballpoint and start writing. Deer Pakistan offers you with long lasting ballpoints which provide with smooth and clean hand-writing.


Deer Gel Pens Price in Pakistan:

If you want a pen for writing or illustration that leave a much stronger mark on the surface than fountain pens or ballpoints, gel pens are what you need. They are absolutely best for fine writing and provide with comfortable grip to hold along with non-smudging dark impression ink.


Deer Fine Liners Price in Pakistan:

Shop for the best fine liners from Deer which are durable and provide with smooth writing as well.


Deer Fibre Tip Coloring Markers Price in Pakistan:

Bring your ideas to live with the fiber tip coloring markers from Deer which provide with smooth strokes and illustrations.


Deer Fountain Pens Price in Pakistan:

Fountain pens are mostly the first pen of every person and to make sure your first encounter with them is smooth and excellent, Deer provides with the finest quality fountain pens that offer smooth writing and grip in vibrant and durable cases.


Deer Color Gel Pens Price in Pakistan:

Make your creations colorful and vibrant with the ever amazing colored gel pens of Deer that provide strong grip along with non-smudging dark impression ink.


Deer Permanent Markers Price in Pakistan:

Mark away the impressions on paper or steel, wood or glass, which would stay there forever with Deer’s permanent markers.


Deer Highlighters Price in Pakistan:

Highlight away what is important so that you would not miss anything later. Deer highlighters providers provide you with smooth and long lasting strokes which would highlight all the important details that you want.


Deer White Board Markers Price in Pakistan:

Write upon the boards and make the ink stay there till you want with Deer’s whiteboard markers available in different colors. With Japanese Polyester tip, refillable ink and wipeable nonabsorbent surfaces, Deer’s whiteboard markers are the absolute best.


Deer Correction Pens Price in Pakistan:

Mistakes are part and parcel of life and your work as well. However, there is always room for correction and this is why Deer provides with correction pens whose specially designed squeeze-control system allows correction fluid to be squeezed easily.


Deer Sharpeners Price in Pakistan:

Sharpen the nibs of your pencils or colors and keep everything on point with Deer sharpeners.


Deer Erasers Price in Pakistan:

Erase away the undesired scribbles or words with Deer Erasers.


Deer Crayons Price in Pakistan:

Color confidently with Deer crayons available in all the amazing colors and quality at Goto.


Deer Water Colors Price in Pakistan:

Shop online from Goto the amazing collection of watercolors from Deer which comes in all the colors in the most amazing long lasting quality.


Deer Modelling Clay Price in Pakistan:

Give your imaginations a shape with the modeling clay from Deer available at Goto in the most reasonable prices.


Deer Glue Sticks Price in Pakistan:

Stick together whatever you want with Deer glue sticks available at Goto Pakistan in the most amazing price.


Deer Scales / Rulers Price in Pakistan:

Scale-out and keep in order everything with Deer scales and rulers available at Goto Pakistan in the most wonderful price.


Deer Mathematical Instruments Price in Pakistan:

Grab all the Deer’s mathematical instruments you could ever need available at Goto Pakistan in the most amazing price ever.


Deer Ink for Fountain Pens Price in Pakistan:

Fill up your fountain pens with the high pigmented Deer inks and write away with high impressions.

Deer Ink for Markers Price in Pakistan:

Refill your markers with Deer marker inks available at Goto Pakistan.

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