Genius TAB T series Price in Pakistan

Tablets are the most portable gadgets that give a better user experience. Dany Technologies tablets are designed for every budget and purpose. Dany Tech Genius TAB series are amazingly performing in the market. With a supersonic 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor Genius TAB 1-460, Genius TAB T-470, Genius TAB T-400, Genius TAB T-450 and Genius TAB T-500 double your entertainment experience with a widescreen display, amazing HD resolutions and sound system. Buy any Tech Genius TAB T series in black and white color at affordable prices on Goto Pakistan.


Genius TAB G series Price in Pakistan

Dany Tech tablets are designed tactfully. Genius TAB G series are user-friendly and pocket-friendly. Sleek and light in weight are the key features of this product line. Cherish and make new memories with high pixel dual cameras. Dany Technologies Genius TAB G-7 Metallica Tablet, Genius TAB G-1, Genius TAB G-2, and Genius TAB G7 support Wi-Fi and 3G networks. Genius TAB G-7 Metallica Tablet, Genius TAB G-1, Genius TAB G-2, Genius TAB G7 Blaster have powerful 1.2 GHz Processors that allow you to multi-task. Download applications and games without stressing about the storage and battery life. Dany Tech Genius TAB G series is launched in black or white color at affordable prices on Goto. Genius TAB G-7 Metallica Tablet has stand-out features like 5.1 lollipops operating system, ultra slim metallic body design, unbeatable visual experience with 7 inches widescreen display, 512 MB RAM speed and 32 GB storage capacity.


Genius Tab S series Price in Pakistan

Dany Technologies Genius TAB S series give you what you pay for. Genius TAB S-1 and Genius TAB S-5 have 2 GHz processor, high-quality image results with dual camera, long lasting battery and stereo speakers that make your pleasure time even more worthy. Speaking of which, let’s talk about its appearance. Dany Tech Genius TAB S-1 and Genius TAB S-5 are available in black and white color, slim design make it uptown. Get these black and white in color tablets at affordable prices on Goto Pakistan.


Innovative Q-4 Price in Pakistan

Innovative Q-4 is designed to keep you updated with the most innovative world out there. Dany Tech tablet PC comes with amazing features i.e. speedy Quad-core processor, 7.85 inches screen display, 1020 x 600 screen resolutions. Sound quality and image quality has been improved to make your calling and messaging time no more nerve-racking. Shop Dany technologies Innovative Q-4 tablet in black and white color at affordable prices on Goto.


DANY Tech Power Banks Price in Pakistan

Power banks sensibly manage your power flow and charge your device’s functionality in a genius way. Dany Tech Power Banks help users in all walks of life. Our power banks range from 2,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh. More the mAh a power bank has more the energy it stores. Dany Technologies Power Banks are portable and light in weight. They can charge iPhone, Android mobile phones, tablet PCs, and laptops anytime, anywhere. There are some Dany Tech Power Banks have stood out features like dual Port, single Port, and multiple charging ports which allow the fastest mode to charge your smartphones and tablets without fetching for sockets.


DANY Tech HDTV Devices Price in Pakistan

Dany Tech HDTV devices include USB devices, LCD TV devices, and DVD players.


DANY Tech USB Devices Price in Pakistan

The DANY all-in-one USB-TV boxes FM U-2000 TV Stick converts any USB port connected with PC or Laptop into the TV. This Dany Tech USB stick is equipped with two inputs: ANT input & AV input. Through ANT input source users are able to experience Live T.V on your computer or laptop screens. AV input function allows the user to view non-stop videos through STB/VCD/DVD source. Dany Technologies FM U-2000 TV Stick is very portable and can be connected with your other devices like laptops or tablets, allowing you to take pictures and record videos. On a single screen, users cannot only play games but also watch their favorite movies and shows in high resolutions. Channel browsing has been made easier with more user-friendly operating software.


DANY Tech LCD TV Devices Price in Pakistan

Dany Tech HDTV 1000 and Dany Tech HDTV 550 have high resolutions 1920 x 1200. They comprise both of CRT and LCD monitor, which support normal (4:3) and wide screens (16:9). Get the best audio-visual experience with our HDTV 1000 and HDTV 550, which support all major video formats such as WMA, WAV, ACC files and RM, RMVB, AVI MOV, MP4,3GP, MPG, and MPEG HD format. Moreover, users can set passwords or lock unwanted channels and watch them according to their suitability. Dany Tech HDTV 1000 and Dany Tech HDTV 550 have a Picture in Picture mode that allows you to open multiple channels while operating your PC. For stable reception use TV tuner with frequency phase lock (PLL), change number order of channels according to your suitability. Other connectivity slots include Broadband PC/TV switch, USB ports and video inputs to connect with your camera. Shop these LCD TV devices at affordable prices on Goto Pakistan.


DANY Tech DVD Players Prices in Pakistan

Now watch your favorite movies or play games with our 13.5’’ inches screen display, Dany Tech E-135 and 16’’ inches screen display, Dany Tech E-160 DVD players. Both, Dany Technology DVD players support multiple formats of movies, music, and photos. E-160 DVD player lets you watch up to 100 TV channels with its built-in antenna. Moreover, Dany Tech DVD players have FM feature that comes with a rechargeable battery. Buy these Dany Tech DVD Players at affordable prices on Goto.


DANY Tech Mobile Accessories Prices in Pakistan

Dany Tech has a dynamic range in mobile accessories such as Bluetooth devices, wireless or wired earphones, and car or home chargers. Dany Tech speakers, home theatre system, Dany Tech Modulators and other travel kit charging cables which support iPhone and Android 2 in 1 cable. Dany Technology has introduced its E-Quran Book which includes all Surahs, Ayats, Islamic stories, and Umrah Hajj advice.


DANY Tech Computer Accessories Prices in Pakistan

Make your computer even more productive with Dany Tech computer accessories i.e. high-resolution WEBCAM, sensitive gaming pads, spacious laptop bags and computer mouses. Buy Dany device accessories at affordable prices on Goto.

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