Daewoo Electronics Refrigeration in Pakistan

Daewoo retro style fridge, Daewoo fridge freezer, American style fridge freezer, 1 Door fridge/freezers and Chest freezers have an amazing Eco-power cooling technology that keeps your food fresh and lets you save cost from your electricity bills. All of these Daewoo fridges and freezers have key features i.e. ice and water dispensers that give chilled water and ice whenever you want, temperature setting alarms to keep you watchful and Eco-friendly lighting. Their Retro style fridge is compact in size yet spacious from inside to accommodate your needs. Moreover, Daewoo fridges and freezers have multiple drawers, pockets, and shelves with robust safety glass to keep your fridge organized. Daewoo refrigeration products also have touchscreen functions that have multiple user-friendly technical or connectivity related options. All of these Daewoo domestic appliances are available in massive storage capacities ranging from min 118 liters to 577 liters, according to your family needs and family size. Their products are designed with stainless materials and decent color choices i.e. black, cream, silver, white, mint and red.


Daewoo Electronics Laundry in Pakistan

Daewoo washing machines, Tumble dryers, Daewoo dishwashers ensure low electricity and water consumption. Their Daewoo domestic laundry products are designed in black, silver and white stainless and durable plastic body making it long-lasting and durable. Shop them from Goto online store at different weights or net capacity ranging from 5Kg TO 9Kg. These products efficiently wash all sorts of fabrics quickly and smoothly. They have other great features i.e. child lock system, alarms and user-friendly time and speed setting options that keep your clothes fresh.


Daewoo Electronics Microwaves in Pakistan

Daewoo solo, Grill, Combination oven and Home fryer microwaves are best known for their durability and practical usage. Our Daewoo microwaves are modern inside and out. They are designed in stainless materials with different color shades and a good storage capacity ranging from 14 Litre (0.5 Cu.Ft) to 42 Litre (1.5 Cu.Ft). Daewoo solo, Grill, Combination oven and Home fryer microwaves have reliable Eco-friendly convection fans that equally and quickly heat your food within no time. Serve your family with healthy and freshly baked pizzas, crispy golden brown chickens, cakes or try out other different everyday cooking, grilling and baking options. They have touch screen displays that have user-friendly instructions and options i.e. language setting or time setting just a tap away. Moreover, Daewoo microwaves include child lock safety options to keep your child away from any danger. You can also bookmark your favorites or everyday recipes on their user favorite recipe category and set the auto-defrost mode to make your life even more hassle-free.


Daewoo Electronics Floorcare in Pakistan

Daewoo vacuum cleaners will make your everyday house cleaning easier and more comfortable. Their floor care products are thoughtfully designed while keeping in mind the practical usage, cost-saving, durability and customer satisfaction. Daewoo vacuum cleaners are available with dirtbags and some are bagless as well. Being compact in size is not the only great feature Daewoo vacuum cleaners have. They have a maximum power that lasts longer, good quality dirtbags that suck in maximum dirt and a storage capacity of 1.5 liters. Daewoo vacuum cleaners are available in your favorite colors i.e. black, red and yellow at affordable prices on our online store.

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