Shop Current Beauty Products Online in Pakistan on Goto

We at Goto are proud to present our official Current online store in Pakistan. Current is a beauty brand by Meclay, a local Pakistani company that is quickly expanding in the market. Meclay specializes in creating good quality cosmetics and toiletries for women under their Current beauty product line. They distribute their items throughout Pakistan, in both the urban and rural areas so all women have accessibility to Current products. Their vision is to help women and girls of all ages look stunning and feel confident.

At Goto, you can shop for all Current fairness creams, soaps, and more at reasonable prices. Our range includes Current personal and skin care items, Current hair care products, Current face care products, and Current bath and body items. Simply order all the Current grooming products you want on our online store, and it will be delivered right to your door without hassle.


Current Personal & Skin Care Prices in Pakistan

If you are looking for body lotions, wax products, and other personal grooming items, we at Goto offer you several options with our variety of Current personal and skin care products online in Pakistan. Shop for highly affordable Current cream packs, Current Cold Fairness Moisturizing Cream for body, Current Hair Removal Cream, and more. With these Current grooming items, you will have soft and smooth skin. Use cold fairness cream at night to have completely moisturized and hydrated skin by morning!


Current Hair Care Prices in Pakistan

Want volumized and bouncy hair with a strong hold? Need to get rid of the dandruff and damaged scalp? We at Goto offer you many kinds of Current hair care products. Our range includes Current shampoo hair fall treatment, Current damage repair shampoo, Current shampoo for thick and long hair, Current Shampoo Black Shine, Current straightening shampoo, and Current shampoo sachets. These sachets come in packs of 10 or 20, and are quite handy if you want to simply experiment and see which shampoo works for you. This way, you can see which Current shampoo best suits your hair type.


Face Care- Current Face Cream Prices in Pakistan

When it comes to Current face care cosmetics and creams, we have a provide you with many options to choose from. Browse our range of Current beauty cream for fairness and pimples, Current BB Cream, Current Diamond Cream, and other Current face creams. If you are looking for face washes and exfoliants, check out Current Face Wash for oil control and Current whitening face wash. These are the presently bestselling Current products. You can also shop for Current Face Makeup Online in Pakistan from Goto. We have made available to you Current BB creams and diamond creams in travel sizes and sachet packs to fit your makeup bag or kit. Always have a glowing face, no matter where you go!


Bath & Body- Current Soap & Cleaners Prices in Pakistan

If you ask a beautician, dermatologist, or other beauty expert what is the best thing to use for a clear face, they will recommend a natural and toxic free soap bar. We at Goto offer you Current soaps and cleaners online in Pakistan. This is a simple yet effective solution for all acne, pimples, and blackheads on your face. Our vast array includes Current whitening soaps, Current creamy milk soaps for bathing, Current Secret Charm soap, and Current beauty bars. Take your pick from Goto and order today.

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