Buy Colop Stamps Online in Pakistan

Colop is a renowned Austria based company and brand which specializes in the manufacturing of top quality and durable stamps for your personal or business stamping needs. This company was established in 1980 and since then has earned happy customers across 120 countries. Their exceptional and unique stamping product line includes Colop printer line, Colop heavy duty stamps, Colop EOS stamps, Colop pocket stamps, Colop traditional rubber stamps, Colop embossing press and Colop inks and pads etc. Shop all the eminent Colop stamping products online in Pakistan from Goto with best prices.


Colop Printer Stamps Price in Pakistan

Colop offers eight different product lines and offerings in its Colop printing line category. Firstly, it offers its world famous and most common product line known as Colop standard printer line. This whole product line includes Colop self-inking stamps in various colors that range from blue, green, yellow, red to white and black. The product line includes Colop printer 30, Colop printer 20, Colop printer 40, Colop printer 50 and Colop printer 60 etc.

The second product line is called printer compact line with the availability of the same colors as mentioned above and the products include Colop Printer C 10, Colop Printer C 20, Colop Printer C 30, Colop Printer C 40, Colop Printer C 50 and Colop Printer C 60. These are basic design products with functionality ranging from small messages to full fledge logo stamping.

They also offer other printing line formats such as circle, rectangular and triangle shapes. They also offer Colop dater stamps, Colop S200 series of self-inking daters, Colop mini daters, Colop stock text stamps, Colop printer line accessories offering image cards for various Colop standard printer stamps.


Colop Heavy Duty Stamps Price in Pakistan

Colop’s collection of heavy duty stamps contains three main category offerings. Colop Expert Line, Colop Classic Line and Colop Office Line. The Colop Heavy duty expert line includes Heavy Duty 3000 series self-inking stamps. The Colop heavy duty office line and classic line includes Colop 2000 series and Colop green S series respectively.


Colop Microban Stamps Price in Pakistan

This offering of Colop’s Microban stamps include Colop Microban stamps from printer 10 Microban to all the way printer 50 Microban and much more.


Colop Green Line Stamps Price in Pakistan

Colop Green Line as the name suggests is a stamping line with green handles. The products include Colop green Printer Line Standard, Colop green Pocket Stamp Plus, Colop green Printer S 200, Colop green Classic Line and Colop green Office Line.


Colop EOS Stamps Price in Pakistan

Colop EOS stamp offering is a unique product line formulated with flash technology for you to step into creativity and create your own custom stamps through retailer. These stamps come in square, rectangular and X-large sizes to suit your printing needs. They also offer Colop hybrid dater which is a mix of self-inking and flash technology. They also offer Colop EOS mouse stamps, EOS stamp writer and EOS pocket stamp.


Colop Pocket Stamps Price in Pakistan

Colop also offers a cute and portable Colop pocket stamp collection which you can carry in your pocket where ever you go. They are made for easy travel, so you won’t have to take out large stamps if you require your business stamp during travel. The products include Colop Pocket Stamp Plus, Pocket Stamp, Stamp Mouse, Stamp Writer and Accessories. Now travel with your important stamps in your pocket.


Colop band Stamps Price in Pakistan

This collection includes stamps that can be used along with a stamping pad. They offer different colors of Colop inks, re fillable pads and stamps in this category. Products include Colop Band Stamps, Colop Special Character Bands, Colop Die-Plate-Daters and Colop Numrex which is used to stamp series of numbers.


Colop Embossing Stamps Price in Pakistan

This collection includes Colop heavy duty embossing presses as well as Colop embossing labels in silver, red and golden colors.


Colop Pads and Inks Price in Pakistan

They also offer inks and pads with top quality refills. The products include Colop Spare Pads (regular and bi colored) Colop Stamp Pads, Colop Inks as well as Colop Colored imprint kits.

Buy all the above mentioned Colop stamp products online in Pakistan with best prices from Goto for your light or heavy stamping needs.

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