Goto’s Blessed Friday Sale is Here – Get Ready to Shop till You Drop!

Goto brings Blessed Friday sale 2019 for its valued customers, it is one of the biggest shopping events of the year carrying some exciting deals and discounts so you can shop to your heart’s content. This Friday you will get a chance to shop everything you need at amazing discounted prices that you won’t find anywhere else at any other time of the year.

Blessed Friday Sale in Pakistan

Various shopping platforms and stores have been hosting Blessed Friday sales every year so that their customers can benefit from it. At Goto, Blessed Friday discounts are unlike any other. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Best Blessed Friday Deals 2019 on Goto

The Blessed Friday deals comprise of products from various categories including women’s fashion, men’s fashion, kids and babies, home and lifestyle, computing items, cellphones, accessories and more. You’ll find the top quality products from the top brands of these categories. Goto has got it all for you under one roof for your convenience.

What products can I get on Sale on Blessed Friday?

To find out what products are available for sale on Blessed Friday just visit our site and browse away. There’s A LOT to pick from!
• Smartphones and Smartphone accessories you don’t want to miss (Get up to __% off)
Smartphones are devices we can’t live without. Having the right smartphone for yourself is important so you can get all your daily tasks done without any issues or lags. At Goto’s Blessed Friday sale, you have plenty of options available. We have got smartphones of different price ranges that are fit for every budget. You can buy all the latest phones from Goto with just a single click. And this Blessed Friday, we are offering discounts on the top phones from the best brands so you don’t miss out on having a great smartphone experience.
You can also shop for smartphone accessories from Goto at exciting discounted prices. Whether you are looking for Bluetooth earphones, chargers or phone cases, you’ll find it all here.
• Small and Large Appliances that are too good not to buy (Get up to __% off)
Appliances are necessities of every house. If you’re looking for small appliances like kitchen appliances, grooming appliances, vacuum cleaners, etc., we’ve got it all available for you as part of our Blessed Friday Sale 2019. We also have large appliances like washers, dryers, generators, refrigerators and more at discounted prices.
• Home and Living Items for your house (Get up to __% off)
Every person has a unique taste when it comes to interior decoration, Goto has got a diverse range of home and living items to cater to every taste. All the products under this category at Blessed Friday are of high-quality and from reliable brands and vendors.
• Clothing Items to make you look stylish as ever (Get up to __% off)
Shopping for clothes can be fun but tiring since there are so many stores you would want to visit in search of the item you need. At Goto, you can shop for clothing items from the comfort of your home. There are various items to match every style from multiple brands. Some amazing pieces are available for a limited time under Blessed Friday offers, so we hope you don’t miss out!

Women’s Fashion

Tops, jeans, pants, shalwars, trousers, whatever the fashionista in you requires, we have it in-store. We are offering them at prices that you’ll be surprised to know. So drop everything and fill your carts at Goto right away.

Men’s Fashion

Shop for men’s clothing items on Goto and put on a dapper look. Choose from high-quality dress shirts, dress pants, ties, coats, suits and more. You can also shop for casual wear from our huge range of casual clothing items including t-shirts, jeans and more.
• Beauty Products for a beautiful you! (Get up to __% off)
Skin care and makeup products are a part of every girl’s bag. If you’re looking for the right makeup or skincare product for yourself then you can get it from Goto’s Blessed Friday Sale. We are giving dozens of makeup and skincare items as part of our Blessed Friday deals, grab them before time runs out!
• Items for your little ones (Get up to __% off)
Dress your kids and babies in cute outfits available at Blessed Friday Sale on Goto. Gift them a toy to make their day or get other essential baby and kid items on sale.
• Grocery Products for every household (Get up to __% off)
No need to stand in long queues at grocery stores, just shop for grocery items on Goto this Blessed Friday and have them delivered to your address without any delays. There are so many deals and discount offers available on grocery items so head over to our grocery section and shop away.

What brands will Goto have onboard for Blessed Friday offers?

Goto has got the finest brands onboard for Blessed Friday so you can shop without worrying about the quality of the products. Just sit back, place your order and let us deliver it to you in a short time period!

How do I pay for Blessed Friday Deals on Goto?

The payment method for Blessed Friday Sale on Goto is simple like always after you check out you’ll be asked to choose cash on delivery or to pay through a credit or debit card. Just pick the payment method that you find the most convenient.

We are here to assist you 24/7

If you have any questions or complaints regarding Blessed Friday shopping from Goto, just call our customer care representatives at 111-11GOTO (111-114-686) or email us at We are ready to assist you 24/7.



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