Apple iPhone X Fold – Bent to Your Will!

Many Android smartphones have already introduced fold technology in their smartphones so Apple might be considered a little bit late here. Apple is introducing its first iPhone with the folding technology. Finally, Apple lovers can enjoy a completely new feature and can look forward to a new Apple design.

Apple iPhone X Fold is a new smartphone by Apple that has taken over the minds of Apple lovers since its picture released all over the internet. Apple iPhone X Fold release date will soon be announced by Apple in Pakistan. Check Apple iPhone X Fold full specifications below.


Apple iPhone X Fold Features and Specifications


The Built & Design


Apple iPhone X Fold has a two side-by-side foldable design. It is unique for an iPhone to introduce a foldable phone, but it has finally happened. As usual, the exterior of this foldable iPhone is as appealing as ever. The most notable thing about this foldable iPhone is that the fold comes from behind and to the left. You can also completely shut it by folding.


The Display


Apple iPhone X Fold has a 6.6-inch large display screen when it is folded back. In addition, the screen size of the phone is around 8.3 inches when the iPhone is completely unfolded. The display of Apple iPhone X Fold is much better than other phones in the market as it has a “Super Retina” screen feature in it.


The Camera


Apple never disappoints with its camera feature and always bring new improvements in it. You can take some breathtaking pictures with your iPhone at any time and any place without worrying about the lighting. Apple iPhone X Fold is also expected to come with some exceptional camera features to help users take amazing pictures and record some quality videos.


The Processor


iOS is one of the finest operating systems that never fails to amaze its users. iPhone constantly brings changes and new improvements in its operating system to resolve certain issues. iOS v.13 is expected to run on Apple iPhone X Fold, but it is not confirmed yet.


The Storage


Just like every other iPhone, you can also get multiple variations in terms of storage capacity with Apple iPhone X Fold. You can purchase Apple iPhone X Fold depending on how much space you need in your phone by paying a little more.


The Battery


iPhone is continuously resolving glitches in its smartphones and is trying to improve its battery timings. Apple iPhone X Fold is expected to give long battery timing with a single charge so you can enjoy using your phone without continuous low-battery warnings.


Apple iPhone X Fold Price in Pakistan


Apple iPhone X Fold specs are enormous and its display is definitely going to attract many users. Apple iPhone X Fold will come for Rs. 129, 999 in the Pakistani mobile market.



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