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Enhance the sound quality and boost the sound signals with high-quality amplifiers, Goto Pakistan offers to you at reasonable prices. Shop the most ideal, better-performing amplifiers of renowned brands i.e. Yamaha, Dunlop, Marshall, Deglitch, Roland, Deviser and Hofner, Logitech, Museo and S-TEK that have multiple inputs and outputs plugs. We have an array of guitar and bass amplifiers, acoustic guitar amplifiers, keyboard amplifiers, percussion amplifiers, Headphone amplifiers, Mic Preamps, Live Power amplifiers, Portable PA systems and so much more is waiting for you. Browse through our amplifier and effect category on our online store,

These amplifiers are portable in size and have a maximum sound gain. They can be easily connected with all your sound devices i.e. aux cable or an XLR vocal mic and other devices including your smartphone or laptop PC. An ideal amplifier lets you listen to clear, crisp sound with no distortions. Amplifiers help to improve the speaker performance of your car or TV devices. Take advantage of these amazing features. Practice your skills with the best musical tools. Play with different pitches and speeds. Produce a rich sound with the most efficient subwoofer that fills the space with joy. Goto Pakistan also offers the best amplifier footswitches, amplifier covers, and cases, amplifier stands, replacement speakers, and tubes. Related to effects we offer pedal boards, power supplies, cables, and other relevant accessories. Grab the most attractive and versatile amplifiers and effects at reasonable prices. Shop them and enjoy listening to each music beat you produce.

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