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Summers in Pakistan can be difficult and you need to be fully prepared for them. Cooling appliances that fall under your budget and work effectively can help you relax and stay comfortable during the sweaty weather. They release cool air that feels natural and refreshing, air coolers will keep you relaxed throughout the day. Air coolers are great alternatives to air conditioners as they cost comparatively less and won’t put spark up your electricity bills.

If you are seeking a replacement for your old air cooler, need to add a new one or are buying one for the first time, you are at the right place. Air coolers can be of multiple types, shapes, built and of course, have different price tags. Goto is your home to the best air coolers from the best friends out there. But to make a selection from a sea of air coolers available in stores can feel like a daunting task. But fret not, at Goto we have got you covered with the best air coolers available from the top brands out there, so whichever air cooler you opt for, rest assured that you are getting a premium quality appliance in exchange for your money.

Explore Various Types of Air Coolers online on Goto

You can check out different types of air coolers on Goto.

Desert Coolers

Desert coolers are installed outside windows and the fan in this type of cooler works as an exhaust that takes air from the outside and provides cooling. They are ideal for big rooms and areas where the temperature is high. If you are in search of this type of cooler, then Goto has got options available for you. Check them out now.

Room Air Coolers

Room air coolers are portable air coolers and can be moved around from one room to another, this type of cooler pushes out air from its fans. Room air coolers are perfect for small rooms. Choose from a wide range of air coolers, browse their features, check room color prices in Pakistan or place your order. Find the best room air cooler in minutes with Goto, explore our site now. 

Spot Air Coolers

Spot air coolers are ideal for cooling small spaces. They are compact and easily portable. They weigh less heavy than other alternatives as well.

Outdoor Coolers

Sometimes the wind gives up too and if you have an important tea or brunch coming up that you’ve decided to set up in your lawn or backyard, then an outdoor cooler becomes a necessity. There are coolers designed especially for the outdoors, find them on Goto today!

Direct Evaporative Coolers

Direct evaporative coolers convert water into vapor, these coolers are widely used in homes.

Indirect Evaporative Coolers

These types of coolers operate on the heat exchanger method that keeps the air cooler without allowing moist air to enter the environment.

Two Stages Coolers

These types of coolers cool the air through a heat exchanger and then exhaust out cold air with water-soaked pads. These coolers fight humidity well.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Making Your Purchase

You need to keep a few things in mind before choosing an air cooler, firstly you need to see if the air cooler is from a reliable brand, secondly you need to see if they have good features and last but not the least see if they fit your budget.

Buy Air Coolers at Best Price

Buying a top-notch appliance comes with many benefits but usually at a hefty cost. If you are tired of exploring different stores in search of one that fits your budget, then explore air coolers on Goto. There are top-quality coolers listed here at various prices, so there’s one here for everyone. To shop air cooler online at the best prices, choose Goto today! You can also compare air cooler price in Pakistan from different stores with Goto to confirm that we have the best offers.

Check Water Air Cooler Prices in Pakistan from Goto

Air coolers comprise fans, pads, and pumps that work together to keep the room cool. Most of the air coolers require to be filled with water. You can check prices for water air coolers online in Pakistan from Goto or make a purchase with just a few taps.

Get Air Coolers Delivered to Your Address Fast

Sometimes choosing the right product can take a lot of time, then bringing them back home can also be a hassle. When you shop with Goto, you don’t have to worry about carrying your new appliance back to your place, we will deliver it to you in just a few days. Wherever you are in Pakistan, Goto will reach you with your purchase in the time committed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions by buyers when it comes to air coolers.

Q1. Do air coolers need a lot of electricity to function?

Answer: Air coolers don’t normally require a lot of electricity to provide you efficient cooling. They are great options to beat the heat on a budget.

Q2. How do I make sure my air cooler lasts long?

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