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Summer in Pakistan can get really hot, which is why you must be fully prepared to beat the heat. Whether you want to purchase an air conditioner for the first time or are looking for a replacement for your old one, you can easily find it on Goto. There are different types of air conditioners featured on this site from the top brands in Pakistan so you don’t have to look elsewhere for the one you want. ACs displayed here are from a range of cooling capacities including 1.5-ton ac, 1-ton ac, 2-ton ac and higher. Before choosing an air conditioner, make sure you check all its specifications and features out to see if it will be the perfect choice for you.

Cooling Capacities of Air Conditioners

If you are shopping air conditioners for the first time you might be wondering what cooling capacity of an air conditioner to opt for. For home usage 1.5 ton split ac or a split ac of 1 ton would be ideal. For corporate offices with large halls and other places an air conditioner of a much higher capacity would be ideal. Wondering if they fit your budget? Check 1-ton ac and 1.5-ton ac price in Pakistan now.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners can easily be shifted from one room to another. They take air from inside the room and exhaust hot air out the house through a hose. Water is drained out through a portable air conditioner in many ways, some portable ACs have a self-evaporating system that turn water into air. Some models may require you to drain the water out manually. Notable features of a portable AC include casters, a timer, remote control and smart connectivity. You can find portable ACs online at reasonable prices from Goto.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners can be bought in different sizes and cooling capacities. There are certain things you need to consider before buying a window air conditioner, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is the size of your window where your AC will fit, take proper measurements before making your pick. Window ACs can be of different types including standard, slider and casement. These ACs are easy to install and some notable features of Window ACs include a timer, remote control, smart connectivity and side-out chassis. Interested in buying one? Explore window air conditioners from our now.

Wall Air Conditioners

Wall air conditioners are fixed in a wall and exhaust hot air through a hole in an exterior wall. Wall air conditioners can be of two types, slide-out chassis and through-the-wall-sleeves. They can be available in higher cooling capacities compared to their alternatives. They come with remote control, timer, smart connectivity and some models may have a heater as well. If these types of ACs seem like the best option, check their models on Goto today.

All the Latest Air Conditioner Models On-Board

Looking for the most recent models in the market? Goto has got the latest models of air conditioners available from top brands like Dawlance, Westpoint, Gree, Haier, Panasonic, Kenwood and many more. 

Shop DC Inverter AC at Best Price

DC Inverter ACs feature the latest inverter technology (DC) that provides you with great cooling. They lower your electric bills and are quieter than most ACs.  At Goto, you will find dc Inverter ACs with different cooling capacities, here you get to choose from 1-ton inverter AC, 1.5-ton inverter AC and other options. Check them out now!

Buy Air Conditioner Online in Pakistan at Affordable Prices

Goto not only showcases the best air conditioners, but it also offers them at the most affordable prices in Pakistan. Compare ac prices including inverter ac price and split ac price in Pakistan or place an order from the most reliable online shopping site in Pakistan. All the appliances displayed on our site are 100% original and go through several quality checks before reaching you, so order them today from the convenience of your home.

Get Fast Home Delivery of Air Conditioners

Why go through the hassle of visiting different stores for buying an AC when you have all your options available at your fingertips under one roof? Transporting a new AC to your house can be a hassle, but Goto has got you covered. Place your order now and have it delivered to your address anywhere in Pakistan in just a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have any questions regarding air conditioners? We have the answers!

Q1. How frequently do I have to change my air conditioner’s filter?

Answer. This depends on how frequently you use your air conditioner, it is recommended to check your filter every month and after 30 to 90 days after you get them installed. When you use your AC regularly, it is advised to clean the filter every two weeks.

Q2. How long do air conditioners last?

Answer. Air conditioners last about 15 years on average, but if you don’t take care of it properly its life span can cut down to 10 years or less. 

Q3. How do I make sure my air conditioner lasts long?

Answer. Keep the filters of your air conditioner clean and regularly check the outside unit of your AC to clear out any dirt or leaves that might build up there.

Q4. Do I get a warranty with a new air conditioner?

Answer. Top companies offer warranties with a new air conditioner, make sure you check to see if you are offered one before buying.

Q5. Where can I buy the best air conditioners in Pakistan?

Answer. If you want to get the best air conditioner in Pakistan, you are at the right place. Goto offers you a huge collection of air conditioners in one place.

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