TP-Link Home Networking Equipment in Pakistan

Is your internet delaying your work? Try out the best networking device in Pakistan, TP-Link. They mainly deal in the home and business Wi-Fi routers, Network range extenders, power lines, PCI adaptors, USB adaptors, modems and gateways cables. Moreover, TP-Link smart gadgets include TP-Link home cameras, smart plugs, smart bulbs and switches ranging from 5 to 16 ports. All these products are available on at good prices.


TP-Link Home Accessories in Pakistan

TP-Link home accessories include 8dBi and 5dBi Omni-directional antennas, 3.0 4-port and 7-port USB charging cables, USB 3.0 Gigabit network adaptors, TP-Link power banks, compact wireless printers, and storage servers and TP-Link portable Bluetooth speakers.


TP-Link Business Networking Equipment in Pakistan

TP-Link business networking equipment in Pakistan include Omada business, wireless apps and controllers and Pharos WISP long-range wireless technology with Wi-Fi speed ranging from AC 1900 to N600 and G54, fast Ethernet ports and a high frequency up to 5 GHz. They also have TP-Link external and internal antennas with a frequency of single band 2.4 GHz and single band 5 GHz.

Reach the new heights of success with Powerline adaptors, TP-Link wireless or wired SMB routers and switches that include smart, unmanaged and Wi-Fi services for your business purpose. Most highlighting feature of their routing and switches include L2 static IP routing and L2 switching that are available in desktop or rack mount forms, multiple ports ranging from min 8-12 or max 48-52 with port types i.e. Gigabit fiber or copper, fast Ethernet copper, 10 Gigabit copper wiring and PoE starting from 802.3af (PSE) up to 30W.


TP-Link business accessories in Pakistan

TP-Link business accessories include PoE adaptors, SFP modules and 10G SFP Module, power supply module and rack mount chassis. They also have efficient TP-Link media converters that have fiber distance till 20km (12.5 miles) and WDB technology that transmits and receives data on one single fiber.

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