Telenor Pakistan is a globally recognized well-reputed name in the industry of telecommunications and networking. Telenor has served its audience with the best networking services at affordable rates throughout. Whether if you are in the pits of earth or at the top of glorious mountains, you will always find Telenor to be there to keep you connected to the outside world.

Telenor Pakistan puts you as a priority and aims to provide you with ease and comfort no matter where you are. Telenor understands how important it is for you to stay updated and present everywhere, that is why Telenor has offered the most economical and swift internet, calls, texting packages back to back so that you would never have a reason to stay at the back.

It is the ambition and responsibility of Telenor Pakistan to contribute to the economic, environmental and social development of Pakistan and since its inception, Telenor has given no complaints to anyone with regards to its services and contribution.


Telenor 4G Cellphones price in Pakistan:

Telenor Pakistan has taken a step forth towards pacing up the with the trends of technology and providing better communication by launching its own cellphones which encloses the most amazing features of all times.


Telenor Infinity Smartphones:

Telenor offers an impeccable range of smartphones that are smart inside and out. Telenor infinity series include the most amazing cellphones of all times which encloses all the features that you could ever desire.

The Telenor Infinity series includes a complete variety of mobile phones namely Telenor Infinity A2, Telenor Infinity E2, Telenor Infinity A, Telenor Infinity E and Telenor Infinity I. All of these smartphones are a piece of art within themselves.

Coming with a fast and speedy processor with the latest Android version, and a battery life that would go with you for a very long time, this phones takes over the mobile industry with a storm. All of these smartphones have sufficient internal storage to store up all your data, nonetheless, it still provides you with the option to extend your internal storage with an SD card. Offering you with a totally magnificent camera and connectivity options, these cellphones enclose a charger, which will quickly charge up your devices, earplugs, free Rs.350 Telenor Easy Card and discount vouchers from FoodPanda and Pakwheels in its blister box.

Enjoy the incredible features of these cellphones in any part of Pakistan by shopping online from Goto Pakistan where all the Telenor smartphones are available at affordable prices.

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