Buy Solo Women’s Eyewear Online in Pakistan from Goto

Solo Eyewear is an internationally leading brand specializing in developing and producing women’s sunglasses from sustainable sources. Solo eyeglasses for women are specialized, meaning they improve eye sight and have even restored vision for those who were partially blind. So far, Solo has restored vision for over 15,000 people in need across 32 countries, according to their official website.

Solo Eyewear’s mission was to create a product line of women’s sunglasses that were made from recycled material. Solo has saved the world from literally tons of non-degradable plastic. Manufacturing products from repurposed materials is not only beneficial for the environment, but results in affordable end products as well. Many women in poor countries such as Pakistan, or remote areas, do not have access to prescription sunglasses. Even if it is available, they simply cannot afford it. We at Goto are proud to present our Solo Official Online Store in Pakistan to make their lives even easier. Now, you can buy Solo women’s eyewear as well as Solo sunglasses accessories online in Pakistan from Goto.


Solo Women’s Sunglasses Prices in Pakistan- Beat the Heat!

Why only sunglasses? Because they not only improve vision but also protect the eyes from the sun and harmful UV rays that cause blindness. By wearing Solo women’s eyeglasses, you are killing two birds with one stone, for a fraction of the price. There are two lines of Solo women’s sunglasses available: those made from repurposed bamboo and those made from recycled plastic. Both are extremely stylish in terms of modern design. We at Goto offer you all styles and models of Solo sunglasses, in a variety of colors, like black, brown, and red. You can get simple looking sunglasses, large ones, or pointed frame ones. The choice is all yours!


Solo Sunglass Accessories Prices in Pakistan

We at Goto also offer you Solo accessories for your sunglasses. Browse for Solo plastic sunglass cases and flexible, cloth cases. Solo Indian Sunglasses Cases are soft but durable and will fit snuggly into your purse or jeans pocket. They come in a variety of calm, pastel colors- a chic accessory for your accessory! Also available are Solo Guatemalan Sunglasses Cases which are harder and sturdier, but still light and compact. Order your favorite Solo sunglasses accessories today from Goto!

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