Buy Slique Products Online in Pakistan

Slique is a brand limited to hair threading solution products which ensures best quality and products in the respective area. Slique is a Florida based hair threading solution brand that has been serving customers over many years. Their hair threading product line includes Slique Threading system, Slique Thread cassettes and Slique's Skin Care Collection.


Slique Threading system price in Pakistan

Slique is the most popular and famous hair threading solution that is a perfect replacement of hair threading hand technique that is used widely in Asia and other continents. Slique Threading system has two crossing threads that pull out the unnecessary hairs once its dragged on the specific area. This Slique threading system is highly portable and comes in solo or with the triple pack of product.


Thread cassettes Price in Pakistan

Slique Threading system contains thread cassettes that hold the threaded hair of your skin. They have limited space therefore make sure to replace them by Slique’s thread cassettes offering after the desired period of use. Slique’s threading cassettes come in solo pack of 10 threading cassettes or a triple pack.


Slique's Skin Care Collection price in Pakistan

Slique also specializes in the area of skin care to ensure your smooth and nourished skin. Slique’s skin care collection includes Slique PURIFI'que daily moisturizing cream, Slique PURIFI'que Cleansing Milk and Slique TONI'que Hydra Toner etc., for your moisturized, sleek and hydrated skin.

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