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Sigma has gained much popularity in the tech world. Their products are known because of their high-quality, optimum performance, reliability and affordability. Not only the Ukrainian or European market, Sigma Pakistan has successfully sold most of their mobile phones, tablets and other accessories in the Pakistani mobile market as well. Shop their tech range from our online store,


Shop the Best Sigma Rugged Phones

Sigma rugged mobile phone range includes the most user-friendly Xtreme PT68, Xtreme Az68, Xtreme PQ67, Xtreme DT68, Xtreme DR68, and others that have amazing features i.e. flashlight option, dual sim slots, FM Radio without headsets, and a long-lasting battery time with an 18 months warranty. Some of their feature phones also support 3G or 4G networks. They have power bank functions, 2 call keys, walkie-talkie functions, and extended phonebook features like no other rugged phones. They have named their mobile phones as rugged because they can withstand all unexpected situations.

Sigma rugged phones have a high-resolution camera that lets you capture or record images and videos with AVI or MP4 formats. It is also supported with a Bluetooth option, headphone jack, USB data cable and a user manual for the further guidance.


Shop Latest Sigma Rugged Smart Phones

Sigma Pakistan has recently launched their rugged smartphone collection that includes Xtreme PQ39, Xtreme PQ26, and Xtreme PQ34, Xtreme PQ14, Xtreme PQ28 and others that have all basic smartphone features. Each Sigma smartphone has a specification column that gives you details about the storage capacity (RAM/ROM), Mega Pixels of front and back camera, the processor (Quad core/Octa core) it is designed with, Network it supports (3G/4G/Wi-Fi), battery time and the display screen size with resolutions. They have other features i.e. Light sensors, proximity sensors, accelerometers, magnetometers, compass, OTG charger functions, Pump Express functions, headphone jacks, dual sim slots, finger or face lock technology.

Moreover, Sigma rugged smartphones have been designed with durable IP68 phone frames that can withstand extreme conditions or unexpected situations i.e. water, dust, or dirt. They come in 18 months of warranty.


Shop the Latest GSM Phones with SOS Function and others

Sigma also deals in GSM phones of the older generation but has features of new generation mobile phones. Their best-selling Comfort 50 Basic, Comfort 50 Elegance 3, and X-style 17 UP, Comfort 50 Mini 4, X-Style 32 Boom Box, X-Style 28 Flip, and Comfort 50 Shell Duo have features i.e. sufficient screen display with big fonts, SOS functionality, dual sim slots, loud volume, FM radio, torch option, camera to capture high quality images and videos, and a long battery life. Moreover, they are designed with soft-touch cases and big buttons that promptly work. Some Sigma GSM phones also have 2 call key functions, power bank functions and charging cradles or additional info screens. Moreover, they are compact in size and light in weight.


Shop the Latest Sigma Tablet PCs

You can also go through the latest Sigma tablets ranging from X-style TAB A82, X-Style TAB A103, X-Style TAB A102, X-treme PQ70 and others that have been designed with efficient processors (Quad core/Octa core) and Android Operating System, they support 3G/4G/Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connectivity. They have dual sim slots, widescreen display, long battery life, power bank functions, spacious memory storage and a high-resolution camera to capture the most beautiful images or record videos. Furthermore, Sigma tablets are attached with a high-quality USB and other OTG cables that support extra recharge functions for other devices. Shop the latest Sigma tablet PCs that come under 12 months of warranty.


Shop the Best Sigma Gadgets

Browse through the best Sigma gadgets such as Action Camera X-Sport C11, Action Camera X-Sport C44 Bike, Bluetooth or wired headphones and headsets for mobile and laptop PCs. Goto also offers you Sigma Power banks that backups your gadget’s battery when it’s down. Sigma headphones and headsets have been designed with a maximum input power, dynamical radiator design, noise suppression technology and high-quality ear pads to achieve clear voice capture and a play time up to 13 hours or more. Some of them have different types of constructions i.e. overhead, folding, or full-size. They are made out of different materials such as plastic, stainless steel coverings or leatherette material and available in different colors.

Sigma Action cameras, headphones or headset kits include high-quality USB-micro cables, user manuals for extra guidelines and a warranty card for 12 months durability.


Shop the Best Sigma Accessories

Goto Pakistan also offers you Sigma accessories for your mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, or any other gadget. Their accessories range includes the best-tempered glass protectors, multiple charging sockets, protection films for smartphones, mobile cases and covers that are water and heatproof, the case stands for mobiles and tablets, tablet pouches, sigma backpacks, and lastly, charging cradles for Sigma mobile Comfort 50 Mini 3. Shop all of these accessories at discounted prices only from

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