Buy Sensodyne products online in Pakistan

Sensodyne is a registered trade mark of GSK group of companies that mainly caters the area of solutions for sensitive teeth. Over many years they have been proved to relieve the tooth ache from sensitive teeth and is the number one toothpaste recommended by doctors for sensitive teeth. In Pakistan Sensodyne offers many oral care products including Sensodyne toothpastes, Sensodyne tooth brushes and Sensodyne mouth washes.


Sensodyne Toothpaste Price in Pakistan

Ever got a brain freeze or sensitive tooth after drinking too cold too sudden? This is an indicator of sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth can be quite a hindrance when we try to work out our daily chores and we are often irritated by the constant sensitivity pain. Well do not worry, Sensodyne has an effective collection of Sensodyne toothpastes that are extremely helpful in relieving the pain from sensitivity. All of the Sensodyne tooth pastes are recommended number one my many dentists and doctors. Their offering of sensitivity pain relieving Sensodyne toothpastes includes the following products:

Sensodyne Rapid Action toothpaste that will take action against that teeth in no time and help protect your healthy gums.

Sensodyne Multi Care toothpaste that can help you get two birds with one stone because it not only prevents sensitivity but also give considerable protection against the cavity, Sensodyne Original, Sensodyne Fluoride and Sensodyne Complete Protection Extra Fresh that not only will take care of your sensitivity but will also ensure healthy gums, no cavity and white teeth with 24/7 protection.


Sensodyne Tooth Brushes Price in Pakistan

Sensodyne not only provides the formulated pastes to heal your teeth it also provides you the means of it. For your safe and sound teeth cleaning or oral care process Sensodyne provides you with its Sensodyne toothbrush collection which has two product offerings such as Sensodyne Expert Toothbrush and Sensodyne Multi Care Toothbrush.


Sensodyne Mouthwash price in Pakistan

Sensodyne also provides you with a good oral care finishing product that can help you keep your breath and mouth healthy 24/7. Sensodyne mouthwash has a potassium nitrate technology that will not only lock the safety of your nerve in your mouth after you brush, but also will help you further with your sensitivity pain.

Buy all these and other Sensodyne oral care products online in Pakistan from Goto with best prices and ensure the best of your oral health.

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