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Samsol Hair color

Bored with your old hair color? Or just casually in a mood to change it? Well, your stylist is here to revamp your hair looks. Tyr out the best Samsol 18 hair color shades we have stocked for you. We have dark browns, lights browns; shiny black and other chic colors that make your hair look fashionably vibrant. Samsol hair colors are made out of hair-friendly formulas that have fewer chemicals. They last longer and don’t require touch-ups too soon. Moreover, Samsol hair colors protect your hair and scalp from damage and breakdowns.


Samsol Shampoo

Samsol Shampoos are the most popular product they have sold all across Pakistan. They are made out of natural, herbal ingredients i.e. egg that grow your hair long and thick, just like Rapunzel. They are extracted, filtered and processed with organic ingredients. They are produced with egg and protein that deeply nourish your roots and make them strong. Purchase them in multiple sizes starting from 120 to 200 ml. Use Samsol shampoo regularly for strong, smooth, and silky hair.


Samsol Depilatory Products

Goto Pakistan also sells Samsol depilatory products ranging from hair removing creams and hair creaming lotions at amazing prices. Remove unwanted hair from your hands, underarms, legs or face without any difficulty. These body creams and lotions have been infused with pleasing scents; lemon or rose and enriched with healthy ingredients that have no side effects. Razors catch rust; hence, we have to dispose of too soon. But Samsol hair removing creams can be kept for a longer time. They are packed with a touch spatula that makes it easy to apply and remove. Samsol hair removing creams and hair creaming lotions cover a wide area, which a razor might not be able to do. Moreover, they leave a soft, velvety skin.


Samsol Shaving Creams

Samsol Pakistan has a selection of men grooming products too. Goto online store, along with Samsol, offer you men shaving creams at affordable prices. Take your shaving experience to a whole new level. Samsol shaving creams are rated best as they leave a smooth result which a razor fails to do. They are infused with manly scents that keep you feeling fresh for hours. Shop them in large and economy packs at affordable prices.


Samsol Talcum Powders

Samsol Talcum powders include Samsol Temptation and Samsol Sensation. They are produced with alluring, long-lasting fragrances that avoid bad body odor and give you a good feeling. Samsol talcum powders work best against prickly heat and skin irritation. Shop them in small or large packs at discounted prices, only from Goto online store.


Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil is considered one of the best and healthy solutions to all your inward or outward body and hair matters. Therefore, Goto Pakistan offers you authentic mustard oil that can keenly fight against dandruff, split-ends and hair fall. Condition your roots deeply to get natural looking, gorgeously shiny hair. Apply a small amount of mustard oil in your hand, rub it and apply it on your scalp. Massage for almost 15-20 mines and leave it for an hour or overnight. You can repeat this 3 times a week. Moreover, Samsol mustard oil can be used for cooking purpose too.

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