Quality, Innovation & Growth are the primary principles adopted by Royal Fans. Royal Fans Pakistan believes in the satisfaction and peace of mind of their clients and therefore aims to deliver them the products which would make their lives easier. They put their customer’s trust and comfort as their top priority and that is why it is such a renowned brand of Pakistan. You can check the pricelist of Royal Fans Pakistan online at


Royal Deluxe Fans Price in Pakistan:

Royal Deluxe fans are durable, pleasant and exquisite fans which work just fine even under low voltage issues. All of these are available in multiple styles, sizes and colors in order to complement with your home.


Royal Bracket Fans & Their Price Online in Pakistan:

These energy efficient fans designed aerodynamically with aluminum blades to provide maximum air along swift oscillations without tweaking.

Royal Ceiling Fans & Their Price Online in Pakistan:

They are fans which promise to provide maximum air to entire room and also adding elegance to your room with its sleek and stylish design. They are designed in such a way which provides protection from electrical shocks and voltage fluctuation.

Royal Circomatic Fans & Their Price Online in Pakistan:

They are roof mounted fans best suited for low ceiling room provides smooth running and 360° oscillation. They are made with high-performance motor to reduce electricity cost and prevent overheating.

Royal Exhaust Fans & Their Price Online in Pakistan:

These are small easy installable fans which provide noiseless and brilliant performance.

Royal False Ceiling Fans & Their Price Online in Pakistan: 

These fans are delicately designed to match with your false ceilings beautifully. They provide high and noiseless performance.

Royal Mist Fans & Their Price Online in Pakistan:

They are energy efficient portable air conditioners which can reduce the heat by 30% and cool up the room literally.

Royal Pedestal Fans & Their Price Online in Pakistan: 

They come with 3-speed options and ensure smooth running with 90° revolving. They also have spring model height adjustment feature. They are made with great care to ensure quality and safety.

Royal TCP & Table Fans & Their Price Online in Pakistan:

They provide 3-speed options with 90° oscillation to ensure jerk free smooth performance.


Royal Hunter Fans& Their Price Online in Pakistan: 

These are made with the collaboration of world’s most prestigious company, Hunter Fans with Royal Fans. They produce aesthetic and elegant ceiling fan designs which become the prime focus of your home. Royal Hunter Fans not only they beautify your home; they also make sure to satisfy you with excellent performance.


Royal Lifestyle fans & Their Price Online in Pakistan:

Lifestyle fans literally suit their name. They provide new definition to your room as they are uniquely styled and designed to provide your room with exclusive looks and experience. They have LED lights in them which provide your room with a subtle touch along with excellent fan performance.


Royal Room coolers & Their Price Online in Pakistan: 

They come in a complete shock proof plastic body providing stable and soundless performance. Their excellent motor provides energy-efficient performance. They come with cooling pads to ensure tremendous cooling effects.


Royal Washings & Their Price Online in Pakistan:


Royal Dryers & Their Price Online in Pakistan: 

These come with heavy-duty motors and spin your laundry to ensure that they are perfectly dried by the end. They dry out your laundry without harming or fading, restoring the softness and freshness of your clothes.

Royal Washing Machines & Their Price Online in Pakistan: 

They either come in stainless steel or shock proof plastic body with sleek designs along with heavy-duty motors to reduce noise and vibrations. They provide excellent performance and take care of your laundry with deeper cleaning restoring the newness and softness of the fabric.

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