Buy Promate Accessories Online in Pakistan

Promate is a Pakistan based digital accessory brand that offers delicate, stylish, top quality and sophisticated digital accessories for your electronic devices. They have versatile collection of accessories including Promate Mini Projectors, Promate Bluetooth Headsets, Promate Wireless Speakers, Promate Power Banks, Promate Laptop Bags, Promate Charging Cables and Promate Phone Covers etc.


Promate Mini Projectors Price in Pakistan

Mini projectors, like regular projectors are used for multimedia presentations whether related to business, work, school, college or university. Promate brings you a top quality collection of Promate mini projectors including Promate dual input projectors as well as Promate portable mini projectors.


Promate Bluetooth headsets Price in Pakistan

Do you ever feel running out of options when you and your hands are completely occupied and you want to listen to your favorite songs or any other audio? The solution you are looking for is Bluetooth headset. These headsets work similar to earpieces and establish a connectivity to your electronic device and sync with its audio to provide you audio in your ears. For this purpose, Promate offers you a collection of Bluetooth headsets that will last you long with excellent performance.


Promate Wireless Speakers Price in Pakistan

Wireless speaker is a great portable addition to our electronic devices. Now listen to your favorite shows and audios at any corner of your house with Promate’s top quality wireless speakers with ensured performance. The products include Promate box wireless speaker, portable round wireless speakers and many more. Shop today for your own wireless speaker for your increased convenience from Promate’s online store at Goto.


Promate Power Banks Price in Pakistan

We know how frustrating it is to not have a socket right by your side when you sleep. You use the mobile the whole day without charging it and finally when you want to have a mobile time in bed at night, the battery’s dead. Well a great solution for this is power bank. Power bank is a device that stores charge in it and when plugged with the mobile, charges it too. They need to be charged first which takes a bit of time but they will last you for 3-4 charging cycles of your phone. Buy Promate’s top quality power banks today online in Pakistan with best prices form Goto.


Promate Laptop bags price in Pakistan

Promate offers a large collection of top quality, stylish and travel friendly laptop bags that are durable and decent. Buy different style Promate laptop and tablet bags in different colors and stich online in Pakistan from Goto with best affordable prices.


Promate Charging Cables Price in Pakistan

Charging cables are an extremely important part of our daily mobile phone needs. Without them our mobile phones are of no use to us. You require a charging cable whose pin does not go loose after just few uses, which charges your mobile fast and doesn’t heat up the charger. Well look no more Promate has got a good collection of just the charging cables you need which includes I-phone chargers, regular android chargers and C-pin chargers etc. Shop them today online in Pakistan from Goto.


Promate phone covers Price in Pakistan

Phone covers kill two birds with one stone. They not only provide you with a cover to protect the original body of the phone but they also add a stylish ad innovative design and touch to it. You can shop for various Promate phone covers for your mobile, according to your desire, from Goto with best prices.

Shop for all Promate digital accessories according to your needs to support the smooth functioning of your electronic devices from Goto online in Pakistan with best prices.

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