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ABRO - Leather Cleaner - 472ml






  • Quickly Removes Rust, Sludge, Scum, And Scale
  • Harmless To System Metal And Rubber Parts
  • 355 ml
  • Idle for 10-20 min with heater
  • Package Includes:

  • Radiator Flush - 355 ml
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    Removes rust, sludge, and scale Helps prevent overheating Safe for all cooling systems Fast and effective Application: Remove radiator cap (never remove a radiator cap while engine is hot) and pour entire contents into a full cool radiator Replace the cap After engine has reached normal operating temperature, idle for 10-20 minutes with heater on Stop the engine and allow to cool Remove radiator cap and open draincocks For best results, run water from a hose into the radiator just fast enough to overflow slightly Do not add cold water to a hot, empty system With engine idling, flush until liquid runs clear.

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