Welcome onboard. Your lifesaver caption, Pigeon Pakistan is here to help you with your journey to parenthood. Share your parenting and child-rearing responsibilities with their collection in feeding and nursing, baby shower, baby grooming and all sorts of household cleaning accessories.
Their product line includes the most popular skin care brands Jojoba skin, Newborn skin, Sakura skin care products i.e. Pigeon baby wash 2 in 1 refill and Pigeon baby oils, Pigeon shampoos, Pigeon milky lotions, Pigeon powders, Pigeon liquid soaps and bar soaps at good prices available on our online store.
What’s more? We have the best quality Pigeon feeders, breastfeeding pumps, bottle warmers and Pigeon cutlery items for children and drinking cups, all available at good prices. Keep away all your hygiene worries when Pigeon Pakistan is at your service. They have laundry detergents, Pigeon baby wipes, tissues and diapers for your child.
Pigeon oral care products include cooling teeters, Pigeon baby training toothbrushes, and toothpaste set, calming soothers and Pigeon pacifiers. Brushed liquid cleansers, protective creams, Pigeon hand washes and sterilizers keeping you and your baby hundred percent away from germs or bacteria. Besides all of this, they also have accessories to take care of and manage your good health. Safety pins, hair brushes, combs, nail clippers, scissors, nose cleaner, cotton balls, and swabs.

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