Buy Papilla Cookware Online in Pakistan

Papilla is a Turkish brand which was established in 2005 and specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of top quality and durable cookware. Papilla is a brand of ALCO A.S company which is the supplier of Papilla’s main raw material i.e. Aluminum. Papilla’s product offering includes Papilla Casseroles, Papilla Pans, Papilla Trays, Papilla Egg pans, Papilla Cake molds and Papilla Sets. All Papilla cookware products are made with latest curtain technology with long lasting non stickiness and top quality raw materials. Buy all Papilla products online in Pakistan from Goto with best prices.


Papilla Casseroles Price in Pakistan

Casseroles are cooking pans having handles on both sides which are main cooking accessory of almost every kitchen. Most of the times in our kitchen lives we come across and buy kitchen items which appear to be of good quality only to find out that they are not durable. The non-durability of kitchen utensils is the main concern for any kitchen person.

Therefore, papilla specializes in the manufacturing of superior quality cookware for your kitchen needs and Papilla casserole offering is a part of it. Papilla’s casseroles are available in all different heights to make you able to purchase according to the food that needs to be cooked. Mostly deep casseroles are used to cook pastas and rice while saucy and gravy foods can easily be cooked in flat casseroles too. The Papilla casserole offering includes Papilla deep casseroles, Papilla flat casseroles, Papilla sauce pans, Papilla chips pan and regular casseroles.


Papilla Pans Price in Pakistan

Papilla also has an impeccable offering of Papilla pans which entail sleek design and are offered in various colors to delight your kitchen with colorful items. Since cookware is the specialty of Papilla, it manufactures different types of Papilla pans for specific purposes and uses. The Papilla pans product offering includes Papilla frying pans, Papilla omelet pans, Papilla Wok pans to gratify your Chinese cooking needs, Papilla anchovy pans, Papilla Daytona frying pans, Papilla Tantuni pans, Papilla crepe pans which are less deep than frying pan, perfect for making pan cakes and crepes, Papilla tegame pan which is a deep pan and can be put to versatile uses and Papilla oval pans.


Papilla Trays Price in Pakistan

Papilla also specializes in the offering of top quality nonstick trays which can be put to many uses including any oven cooking needs. These are oven safe and can be used to bake various items including pizzas, pasties and much more. Buy Papilla trays online in Pakistan from Goto with best prices.


Papilla Egg Pans Price in Pakistan

Egg pans are designed to specifically master the art of egg making especially it’s a half fried egg. We all know the efforts and carefulness when it comes to pouring the egg into the pan and then flipping and transferring it onto a plate without breaking the yolk. These Papilla egg pans entail a curved shape which allows you to easily transfer the egg safely onto the plate. Buy Papilla egg pan online in Pakistan from Goto with best prices.


Papilla Cake Pans Price in Pakistan

Papilla specializing in all cookware won’t miss an essential baking ware. Papilla also provides its exceptional offering of beautiful cake pans and molds in circular and rectangular shapes. Buy Papilla cake pans today from Goto for beautiful cake baking.

Buy all Papilla cookware items online in Pakistan from Goto with best prices and optimize your kitchen experience today.

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