The core objective of Orient Pakistan is to provide innovative, modern and state of the art products which will fill your home with the reliance and comfort. Orient Pakistan also conducts sales at different occasions all over Pakistan.

Orient Air Conditioners Price in Pakistan

Shop Orient Air Conditioner Online in Pakistan

Beat the heat with eco-friendly air conditioners of orient electronics. These are a must have for every residence. These air conditioners come with smart features like weather based operation which provides you swift performance all year long. Not only they provide excellent performance but they are cost efficient and nature friendly as well. Thus, truly coming up to their promise of Live-In Innovation.


Shop Orient DC Inverter AC Online in Pakistan

It is not justified to use you air conditioners only for a few hours in this scorching summer only because of electricity bills. Orient has solved this issue for you by providing you DC inverter AC which aims to provide highest quality with lowest carbon footprint.


Shop Orient eComfort ACs Online in Pakistan

Don’t worry about your electricity bills anymore because Orient Ultron eComfort ACs are here to the rescue. When connected with the Wi-Fi via Orient Wi-Fi smart kit it allows you to view the energy units consumed in real time so that you can keep track of everything.


Shop Orient Planet Series in Pakistan

Be it be the fluctuation or nearly 55°C outside, Orient Planet Series has got it all covered for you. This new DC converts ACs’ cutting edge technology is not affected by these petty problems and gives you excellent cost effective performance all year long.


Orient Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

Orient refrigerators have earned a tremendous reputation because of its features like reliability, durability, quick cooling and restoring freshness. The colossal feature of Orient refrigerators include anti-bacterial protection and eco-friendly operations which eliminates the use of CFCs thus playing its part in restoring Ozone layer and reducing noisy operations. Orient offers a wide range of refrigerators varying in sizes and capacity. You can choose from this range which suits your requirements the most.


Orient LED TV Price in Pakistan


For people who always want the trendiest and innovative equipment in their homes, 4k LED TV is the right choice. It brings smart features such as Android and Opera so that you can have limitless access to entertainment. The Ultra HD quality gives you an experience like never before.



The master has it all. This comes with all the features you would want to have in your TV. It comes with multiple HDMI ports and USB slots which allows you to connect and enjoy high quality audio, video and games whenever you want. It can even convert you normal movie or sports experience, exciting and live.



Orient LED TV offers you a lively and realistic display which gives your TV watching experience a whole new definition. The visual and sound features are simply amazing and stunning making sure that you enjoy your movie or whatever to the most. These come in varying sizes from 24’’ to 65’’ LED TVs which do not compromise on the pixel quality and offers you the best entertainment.


Orient Microwave Ovens Price in Pakistan

Magnificence and elegance is personified by Orient Microwave Ovens. Orient microwave ovens are an all-rounder in your kitchen as they provide features like defrosts child-lock, baking, and hassle free cleaning. Orient microwaves woes to solve your food problems by providing the best in just one box.


Orient Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

Available in various colors and designs, orient water dispensers allows you to have an innovative experience of purified water. The water dispenser not only provides you with just cold and hot water, but it also includes a tap for room temperature water and also a mini compartment of refrigerator, thus taking care of its user and providing more in less.


Orient LED Lights Price in Pakistan

Have a magnificent illumination experience through Orient LED lights. They bring you European Grade Illumination which provides a soft yet powerful exposure that light up your life.


Orient Parts and Accessories Price in Pakistan

If you’re missing or have broken any part of you air conditioner or your refrigerator, then worry not, orient also solves your this problem by providing you parts and accessories of your equipment of original quality.

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