Shop the Latest OPI Nail Color Collections in Pakistan

With such busy lifestyles, we often forgot to take care of our body that is actually the main source of the activities and movements we do throughout the day. Your body includes nails that are usually neglected and their treatments are considered time-consuming. What’s scarier to see are those callused yellow, bitten and ripped nails that have skin fraying below the fingernails. For your nail care, Goto Pakistan presents you the best OPI nail paints, OPI powders, OPI pro tools and other products to beautify your dainty long fingers.

Get a quick view of their latest OPI Color Collection Peru, which is highly inspired by South America’s culture. This collection includes Peru Infinite Shines, Peru Nail lacquers, Peru Gel colors, and other Peru mini pack gift sets with 4 pieces of nail paints. OPI Peru Collection has different shades of colors ranging from reds, whites, blacks, purples, pinks, blues, greens, nudes and neutrals. Moreover, you can also shop from the latest OPI Pop Culture collection that includes 6 new bright nail lacquers ranging from pinks, reds, yellows, blues, Sky blues, oranges, and purples. This collection also offers a Pop culture nail lacquer mini set with a pack of 4 exciting colors. It’s time to make over your nails. Get them at discounted prices exclusively from our online store.

Last but not the least; Goto Pakistan has more for you. We bring you the 12 limited edition shades of OPI inspired by the iconic movie musicals that they launched on their 40th Anniversary. This range includes Grease Infinite Shines, Grease Leather-like Nail Lacquers, Grease Nail Lacquers, and Grease Gel Colors that not only have lovable colors but also attractive names such as the most popular Teal Me More, Chills are multiplying, Tell Me About It Stud, Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be and other nail paints that are stacked on our online store. Along with this, OPI Pakistan has launched its fourth collection by the name Lisbon that has Lisbon Infinite Shines, Lisbon Nail Lacquers, and Lisbon Gel Colors that have different color shades ranging from nudes to bright bold shades. Try out these shades, add some 3D nail arts or nail stickers.


Shop OPI Nail Powders from Goto Pakistan

To make your nails more gorgeous, we bring you the best OPI nail powders including dipping powders, chrome powders, and acrylics at reasonable prices. These can be applied on all nail shades, from shimmers to pastels or neon. Read below to know more about their nail care range. We offer different styles of nail arts, nail stickers, nails by occasions i.e. bridal nails and vacations nails at amazing prices.


Shop the best OPI Nail Care Products

If you think you have a well-groomed personality but also have unpolished nails… well, that’s where you’re wrong. Your nails are a tiny reflection of who you are from inside. Instead of hiding your nails under the long sleeves of your over-sized shirt or sweater, expose them and be confident with what you’re blessed with. OPI has successfully sold most of their nail treatment and strengthening products. They offer top and base coats for your hand or feet nails firmness. Along with nail shades, you can also purchase nail polish removers, drying agents and finishers or OPI correcting pens that are made out of eco-friendly and organic chemicals. Goto online store has also stocked OPI gift sets that can be given to your beloved ones, be it your mother, daughter or sister on their birthday, wedding or other happy occasions.


Pro Tools

Lastly, Goto online store brings you the most professional salon tools that outshine your nails efficiently. Skip going to expensive parlors to get your nails done. Do it comfortably at home with ease. OPI pro tools include the acrylic brushes, gel brushes, and brush cleaners with different shapes and cuts i.e. flat, oval, edge, universal and others. Buff and polish your nails with tools like filers, Pedi-pushers, and others that can be stored in special OPI tooling wallets. We also have nail sanitation products i.e. hand soaps, cleaners and brush cleaners that give spa results. Dry your nail paint and nail art with the latest OPI dual cure LED light that is easily available on our online store at affordable prices.

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