Buy MB Cricket Products Online in Pakistan

MB Malik is a renowned cricket products and accessory manufacturing brand that offers top quality and featured products to its customers. The MB’s cricket items offering includes its famous MB Cricket Bat, MB Batting Pads, MB Batting Gloves, MB Wicket Pads, MB Wicket Gloves, MB Head Protectors, MB Cricket Shoes, MB Kits Bags, MB accessories and MB Cricket Balls etc. Buy all durable and reliable MB products online in Pakistan from Goto with best prices.


MB Cricket Bat Price in Pakistan

MB offers its lavish and superior quality stylish MB cricket bats which are available in many designs and colors. MB’s cricket bat offering includes MB premium bats, MB limited edition bats, MB Lala edition bats which are introduced as a Shahid Afridi featured product. Buy MB’s cricket bats today to level up your batting experience with MB’s superior quality bats which are resistant to tough ball hits and jerks with firm bat grips.


MB Batting Pads Price in Pakistan

While batting, taking proper measures for your safety and protection is just as important as hitting a hard and tall six. Because if you face any injury then you won’t be able to play or hit those sixes. Therefore, for your ultimate protection MB brings you its exceptional and top quality batting pads that will absorb the jerk of ball in case it hits and protect your legs as they are more prone to get hit, given the average height the ball reaches.


MB Batting Gloves Price in Pakistan

While MB’s cricket bats provide your hand with a firm bat grip, to further perfect the process, it offers MB batting gloves that will protect your hand from unnecessary scratches and skin scrapes and provide you with a soft and comfy protection and extra grip on bat. MB offers batting gloves in various colors and designs which also includes Shahid Afridi featured MB Lala edition batting gloves. Buy your own MB gloves online in Pakistan from Goto with best prices.


MB Wicket Pads and MB Wicket Gloves Price in Pakistan

Since a wicket keeper as has to make drastic movements and postures to catch the cricket ball, he’s more prone towards the possibility of skin burns, scratches and injuries therefore, for wicket keepers’ ultimate protection MB brings you its superior quality jerk resistant MB wicket Pads and MB wicket gloves. Get your pairs today from Goto with best prices.


MB Head Protectors Price in Pakistan

In the past we have seen many cricketers suffer head injuries because they were not wearing any head protections. Take care of and protect your heads while playing cricket with MB’s ultra-strong MB head protectors which can easily be bought on Goto online in Pakistan with best prices and excellent shopping experience.


MB Cricket Shoes Price in Pakistan

MB also specializes in its very own branded offering of MB cricket shoes that are made with finest materials and entail highest quality and comfort so that your feet are at their freedom of flexibility while playing cricket. Orders yours now from Goto.


MB Kits Bags

During cricket, various happenings can result in the need of kit bags which are used to hold many cricket accessories such as water bottles, new cricket balls medical kits and much more. Buy your own MB medical kits today from Goto so you don’t have lack of essentials when you need them while playing cricket.


MB Cricket Balls

Would MB miss this? MB will not be a cricket brand without its amazing Mb cricket balls offering. MB offers exceptional MB hard ball and MB’s signature cock balls. Mb’s Balls are made with top quality and finest material with perfect matt or glossy finish. MB’s cricket balls are durable and reliable and won’t be tempered or de-shaped for a considerable amount of time and will last you long.


Buy all above mentioned MB cricket products and accessories, online in Pakistan, from Goto with best prices and take your sports and cricketing experience to a luxurious, lavish and next level.

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