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Masarrat Misbah cosmetics aren’t to mask your natural beauty instead to make you feel comfortable with your skin type. Every woman is busy selflessly to meet the needs of her family without paying time on her skincare actively. Therefore, Masarrat Misbah has introduced her makeup range at affordable prices, which brings the best out of each woman.


Masarrat Misbah Face Products in Pakistan

Masarrat Misbah Foundations and pressed powders perfectly blend in with your skin complexion while leaving a smooth spotless skin. Let your smile look even more youthful. Pop them up with our blushes and Masarrat Misbah highlighter collection.


Masarrat Misbah Eyes Products in Pakistan

Let your eyes reflect the inner glow of your body with Masarrat Misbah voluminous eyeshades; perfect for your day or night looks. Win the on-point cat eyes with thick and intense black Masarrat Misbah eyeliners, lash enhancers and lash volumizers to get a modish look.


Masarrat Misbah Lip Products in Pakistan

Never be afraid to use bold colors, glitters, or nude shades. Complete your look with Masarrat Misbah Matte, creamy and glossy lipsticks which have rich ingredients leaving your lips soft and hydrated. All of these products are available at affordable prices on our Goto online store.

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