Starting off the career from just one single mouse, Logitech has gained abundant users and massive reputation all around the world in a couple of decades. Logitech produce the finest peripherals ranging from mouse to keyboard to conference cameras and sound systems, all of which provide the best results and last way longer than any other brands. Goto provides you with all the peripherals at the best prices online in Pakistan so that you could have an amazing experience.



Logitech Mice Price in Pakistan:

With the amazing plug and play feature, Logitech mouse fits perfectly in your hand and you can never go wrong with their precise optical tracking system. Logitech has a variety of wireless and wired mouse, all of which provide with comfort and accuracy. With yearlong warranty and high battery time for a wireless mouse, Logitech mouse makes you bid goodbye to tricky touchpads willingly and welcomes you to an easier and comfortable life.

Logitech Keyboards Price in Pakistan:

Logitech takes care of your personal and business needs and that is it offers an exciting range of business and personal keyboards which are specifically crafted to provide with accuracy, precision, and efficiency. With features like spill resistance, auto-adjusting illumination which brightens or dims the keys and portability, Logitech keyboards redefine the concept of keyboards.

Logitech iPad & Tablet Keyboards Price in Pakistan:

Enjoy laptop-like typing experience at your tablets and iPads now with the Logitech keyboards specially made for your iPads and tablets. Now save the agony of typing through screens and enjoy the charm of actual keyboards which has the softest keys and with their sleek style and design, truly compliments your handheld device.



Logitech Smartphone Accessories Price in Pakistan:

Accessorize your smartphones and other gadgets with the amazing range of durable and innovative Logitech’s smartphone accessories. Logitech offers iPad keyboards, iPad Cases, iPad Pro Stands, Tablet Cases, Tablet Keyboards and other smartphone accessories which truly praise your handheld device.



Logitech Harmony Remotes Price in Pakistan:

Clear up the clutter of remotes on your coffee table and get the amazing Logitech Harmony Remotes which will take control of everything in your home. Now everything is just one touch away. The Harmony remote can control most of your devices, thus saving you from the fuss of finding the remote of each appliance to use it. Turn on your TV, dim away the lights, lower the blinds, lock away the doors and turn on the AC or heater all with just one touch.

Logitech Harmony Accessories Price in Pakistan:

Make your life convenient with the amazing harmony accessories like POP Smart Button, Bluetooth Audio Receiver, Harmony Precision IR Cables, Harmony IR Mini Blaster and Alert™ Web and Mobile Commander get everything under your control.

Logitech Circle 2 Home Security Camera Price in Pakistan:

Circle 2 Home Security System is the only weatherproof, wired or wireless 1080p HD home security camera that is motion sensitive i.e. records when motion is detected, coming up with night vision and up to 180° field-of-view that goes just about anywhere and sets up in minutes. Make your home secure from inside out with the magnificent Circle 2 Home Security Cameras and stay relaxed.

Logitech Pop Smart Button Price in Pakistan:

Redefine your lifestyle and control everything with one touch. With the easy mobile setup through Apple Home app or the POP app, easily combine multiple devices to get control over multiple devices with just a single press.

Logitech Base Charging Stand Price in Pakistan:

BASE was made especially for iPad Pro; it is a revolution in the world of chargers. With sleek and smart charging stand, charge and view with one click. Just place your iPad in the cradle and the charging begins instantly. With perfect viewing angle and stable design, this is a very useful and innovative change in the world of smart accessories.



Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Price in Pakistan:

Listen to music wirelessly through your devices that assist Bluetooth and enjoy the amazing sound quality without the fuss of all the wires. However, this does provide with wire option so that you can have the best sound experience nonetheless.

Logitech Computer Speakers Price in Pakistan:

Experience a new level of intensity and energy, and bring your games or movies to real life with the impeccable speaker range for your desktops. With powerful sound and thundering bass, hear and feel the music to a new level.

Have an absolutely amazing gaming experience with the Logitech Gaming Software which automatically activates game-driven lighting. Just scan and add games in LGS and G560 handles the rest. LGS lets you can customize audio visualization, lighting color and effects, as well as a screen sampler that reads pixels on screen and matches color dynamically.

Logitech Surround Sound Systems Price in Pakistan:

Life becomes too boring with no music around or even with the same old kind of music, giving you no punch of energy or goosebumps. Logitech provides with a powerful and highly majestic range of surround sound systems which not only takes your music experience to another level but also giving you a theatre like experience in your home.

Logitech Webcams Price in Pakistan:

Whether if it is your professional need or personal, Logitech covers all for you. Logitech provides high definition personal and professional cameras which provide sharp video with phenomenal resolution, with auto-adjusting delivering lights that deliver professional quality results at the nominal price range.

Logitech Rally conference camera portfolio Price in Pakistan:

Providing with studio-quality video, amazing vocal clarity, and RightSense automation for the better virtual meeting, Rally conference cameras deliver exclusive performance and remarkable adaptability with lustrous style.

Logitech Conference Cameras Price in Pakistan:

Simplify your video conferencing experience and make it easier for everyone to start. Coming in multiple styles with portable body, conference cameras provide with efficiency and quality.



Whether if you need a headset for personal use, professional or educational, Logitech provides you with just the right range of headsets. Coming in a sophisticated and sleek design, it delivers clear audio, canceling all noise effects and providing with the opportunity to make calls clearly and comfortably.

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