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Laser Jet Prices in Pakistan

Laser jet is an expensive, sophisticated and high quality printing technology which carries out digital printing processes with electrostatic technology. This technology uses laser beam on the drum and transfers the image or word to the printing paper. The electrostatic technology is then used to heat up the images or words to completely press them onto the printing paper. Laser technology was introduced twenty years after the ink jet technology in 1970s.

There are monochrome as well as color laser printers. Monochrome laser printers only use black colored laser cartridge while the colored laser printers use colored cartridge. Back in the day due to the price and sophistication they were just restricted to the business industry but now many people have started using them in their houses too. Considering the quality and the richness of the objects result they can be quite attractive and therefore it was not able to maintain a permanent place just in work environment and business.

One of the biggest advantage because of which the laser printers were discovered was that many on the ink jet printers ruined various results of objects and the ink smeared all over the paper due to still wet ink. The wetness of ink could not be seen with the eye and therefore you only are alarmed once you touch it and then it ruins the output. But with the laser technology we don’t have to worry about that. Since it uses an electrostatic technology to dry the outputs of objects before it comes out, there is no chance of the output to be smeared.

Therefore, whatever reason that brought you here toward laser printers, they are a very good choice for safe and quality printing. Our collection of laser jet printers offers various such printers with best features including LaserJet printers, Color LaserJet printers, All in one laser printers, Photo laser printers, Wireless LaserJet printers, Monochrome laser printers, Color laser printers, Multifunction laser printers and many more. Shop today from this collection to gratify your printing needs online in Pakistan with best prices.

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