It has been a traditional practice to use organic ingredients for your skin as it poses no side effects and makes your skin healthier. With the same ideology in mind, Kishmish aims to provide skin care products made with carefully selected organic ingredients, to provide your skin with immense care and protection.

Kishmish aims to become the world’s largest organic community which serves to enhance your beauty by providing them with the best skin items that are made purely with natural ingredients, nurturing your skin with the essence of nature.

Kishmish’s Baby Care Products Price in Pakistan:

Kishmish understands the fact that your young one’s skin is very sensitive and can easily be damaged from any kinds of environmental factors. That is why Kishmish provides with the baby care product range which is made with immense care, selecting each and every ingredient carefully, in the best interest of your little one. Kishmish offers face cleanser, face cream and face mask for your kids which enclose the power of folic acid which is a good source of calcium and phosphorous. It helps to keep your child’s skin hydrated and moisturized, improving their skin texture and tone, keeping them safe from UV rays while removing bacteria and dirt off their skin, making it much softer and radiant.


Kishmish Mask Price in Pakistan: 

Each skin has different needs and therefore must be treated differently. Kishmish understands this problem and that is why it offers various skin masks that would suit your skin type. The primary goal of each mask is to fight dullness, remove dead skin, prevent breakouts and made your skin more radiant and glowing. Goto offers a wide range of Kishmish skin masks including Carrot Mask, Papaya Mask, Rose Therapy Mask, Green Clay Mask and many others, enriched with the power of natural ingredients, providing your skin with the best care and protection.


Kishmish Cleansers Price in Pakistan:

Your skin needs to be cleansed of all the impurities to be naturally healthy and glowing. This is why Kishmish provides with a wide range of cleansers which are rich with the power of anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial, making your skin clearer, fairer, hydrated, moisturized and free from wrinkles and pimples. These cleansers are made to fulfill a specific need which is clearly identified from the names like Glowing Cleanser, Whitening Cleanser, Skin Warrior and many others.


Kishmish Creams Price in Pakistan:

Your skin needs to be kept moisturized and hydrated at any cost. Provide your skin with care and protection with the organic range of Kishmish Creams. With a unique selection of ingredients to meet specific needs, Kishmish creams are formulated with immense care. These creams include Miracle Cream, Face Cream, Almond and Sandalwood Cream which aims to provide your skin with attention and health.


Kishmish Scrubs Price in Pakistan:

Exfoliate your skin with the power of natural ingredients and reveal out clean and clear skin with the amazing range of Kishmish Scrubs. These scrubs are made of 100% natural ingredients, which help to provide your skin with natural glow and health. These scrubs include Rock Salt Scrub and Sugar Scrub, promising to control breakout and remove dead skin, keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated along with improving your complexion.


Kishmish Hair Oils Price in Pakistan:

Let your hair grow long and strong without any obstacles of hair fall, dandruff, lice, hair thinning and roughness. With the power of natural ingredients, make your hair thick, strong and lustrous and let them grow without any worries.


Body Butter Price in Pakistan:

The key to the ever young skin is the right kind of care and protection. Nourish and hydrate your skin with the power of Vitamin E, F and A, and antioxidants which will not only delay the aging process but protect your skin against the harmful radiations of the sun. They also help to make your skin smooth and keep your nails protected from fungus and bacteria. This range includes the ever famous Coconut Body Butter and Hand & Foot Butter, providing your skin with immense care.


Kishmish Toners Price in Pakistan:

It is very important to tone out your skin and keep it protected from any sorts of environmental damages. Improve and revitalize your skin the healing and inflammatory powers of Kishmish Rose Water and fight acne and dual tone skin problems.


Kishmish Lip Balm Price in Pakistan:

Sweep away the chapped lips along with their dead skin through exfoliating and make them naturally rosy pink with the natural healing properties of Beetroot. With Kishmish Love Beets Beetroot Lip Balm, make your lips hydrated and pink.

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