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Latest Kenwood Air Conditioners

Heat just licked that sunburned face and coiled around your limbs like a hot-blooded snake. The ground sent up an unsettling haze and the air blew with the heat waves. In the blinding light of this summery month, having an air conditioner is the greatest blessing. Beat humid afternoons with the latest eco-friendly Kenwood air conditioners that have innovative features and are budget-friendly.

Kenwood air conditioning range includes floor standing air conditions such as eFortune, eMarvel, eEssence, eInverter Primer, eMax, eElement and Split air conditioners such as eSmart, eGlow, eTech Diamond, eTech Plus, eEco, eAmore, eGrande and others. These air conditioning machines efficiently exude perspirations on your forehead, cheeks, and the bridge of the nose. Shop them now only from Goto online store in Pakistan at discounted prices.


Latest Kenwood Refrigerators

One of our Goto clients once shared her shopping experience. While browsing through the refrigeration collection, she realized how she could turn 40 with the noisy machine she had at home. Her out-dated refrigerator barely kept grocery fresh for a couple of days. How could this machine withstand sudden voltage fluctuations? How could she tolerate the humming sound as loud as a truck or the badly fitting seals that were about to give up? Whenever she opened it, she could smell the pungent odor of stale food or items’ tumbling down as the door was released.

Take a lesson from this experience and shop the latest Kenwood chest freezers, classic series, four-door refrigerator series, and persona glass door series, side by side, Titanium SS series and upright freezers that are readily available on Goto online store at economical prices.


Latest Kenwood Kitchen appliances

When you come home after a long tiring day, does your admiration quickly turn into frustration? Your smile falls, you feel every muscle getting tensed or hands began to open and close with each quickening breath. Home works have no end. If you skip doing home chores, you are surely piling up more mess for yourself.

Keep aside all your stress. Shop the best Kenwood home appliances ranging from blenders, choppers, coffee makers, dry or steam irons, food processors, hand blenders, hand mixers, juicers, kettles, meat grinders, sandwich makers, slice toasters, vacuum cleaners and the list goes on and on. Kenwood kitchen appliances and other home care appliances are thoughtfully crafted with the most innovative techniques. They come with multiple features and options that never leave your work undone. Shop them from Goto Pakistan at reasonable prices.


Latest Kenwood Washing machines

Kenwood Pakistan has also launched the most intelligent fully automatic washing machines and semi-automatic washers that are easily available on our online shopping store at good prices. Go through Kenwood washing collection and read the specifications, directions of usage and purpose we have mentioned for each product. They can speedily wash all sorts of fabrics while consuming less electricity. Shop them now and take you washing machine experience to new levels of comfort.

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