Shenzen Jumper Medical Equipment is an old and reliable company which offers ultrasonic medical devices and systems that can be installed in hospitals or kept at the home. They offer a wide range of hospital medical electronic equipment and homecare products. Shenzen Jumper has a vast range of homecare products that can assist quick home checkups such as pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, thermometer, and nebulizer. It also has fetal Doppler systems and monitoring systems. Shenzen Jumper’s products include intelligent maternal and child information system (Perinatal health management system, High-risk maternal management system, Intelligent maternal and child follow - up system), supplementary smart.


Shenzen Jumper Angelsounds Fetal Doppler Price in Pakistan:

A Doppler is a handheld ultrasound device which is used to detect fetal heartbeats, by utilizing the law of Doppler Effect to provide an audible simulation of the heartbeat. The Angelsounds FetalDoppler is one of the best sellers as it provides simple one-button operation, controlling power and volume as well. It has a double-channel audio socket design which aids in the provision of the synchronous audio output signal which is easily accessible for headphones or recording devices. Coming with a delicate appearance, this device has a highly sensitive ultrasound probe which detects the cardiovascular movement sound of the fetal after the 16th week of gestation.


Shenzen Jumper Pulse Oximeter Price in Pakistan:

Coming with OLED Screen display, this comes with four directions display with an accuracy of SpO2: 70% and pulse rate up to 30~99bpm,±2bpm; 100~250bpm,±2bpm, this device is applicable to adults, adolescent and children.


Shenzen Jumper Blood Pressure Monitor Price in Pakistan:

No need to panic whenever you feel like your blood pressure is not right. The pumping devices to check the blood pressure have now become obsolete as no one has got enough time for that, nor they give accurate results. With Shenzen Jumper Blood Pressure monitor, which encompasses properties like the easy-to-read big screen, smart health tracker which stores at a maximum of 198 reading with date and timestamps (for 2 users) and can compare your current BP with normal home blood pressure levels and irregular heartbeats. It is also smart enough to automatically take 3 consecutive reading and give an average result.


Shenzen Jumper Thermometer Price in Pakistan:

Forget away the fuss of using old thermometers which came with loads of precautions and were very delicate to handle. With Shenzen Jumper Thermometers, welcome to the new and easy era where the thermometer uses infrared technology specially designed to take forehead/ear temperature, quickly detecting your body temperature, providing 2 temperature modes °F/°C and LCD display for better vision with an auto-shutdown time of 10s.


Shenzen Jumper Tens Price in Pakistan:

Fight cervical spine and lumbar disease caused from all the stress around you with the mini Tens Therapy Device which comes with multiple massage program options and other amazing features. They have rechargeable batteries and come with delicate appearance, compact designs and are very portable.


Shenzen Jumper Fetal Doppler Price in Pakistan:

They are highly sensitive ultrasound device which detects the heart rates of the fetus in the 12th week. With a large LCD Display Screen, FHR Measurement Range of 50-210 bpm and accuracy of ±2bpm, this is a safe and friendly fetal Doppler providing accurate results.


Shenzen Jumper Fetal Monitor Price in Pakistan:

These lightweight, compact, space-saving device with easy operation interface with digital and curve display. The setup of the system can be done easily and automatically stored. It has highly sensitive and water-proof FHR probe with built-in FAS function (Fetal Acoustic Stimulator).


Shenzen Jumper Maternal Monitor Price in Pakistan:

It is a lightweight, space-saving, easily operated and can be laid on a flat surface or mounted on the wall. It can meet the need of whole stages of labor. Features like monitoring the vital signs of fetal and mother at the same time, twins monitoring, manual and automatic fetal movement recording are included.


Shenzen Jumper Patient Monitor Price in Pakistan:

It has an effective resistance to interference of defibrillator and electrosurgical cautery with high networking capacity and nurse-calling system and up to 4 hours working capacity of built-in rechargeable battery along with bed to bed view display, this is a must have monitoring system for every hospital, making tracking and monitoring easier.


Shenzen Jumper Fetal Monitoring System Price in Pakistan:

The Shenzen Jumper Fetal Monitoring System encompasses outstanding features such as centrally manage real-time fetal monitoring data, powerful data management software for data recording, analyzing, saving and printing and supports up to 32 beds fetal monitoring.


Shenzen Jumper Weight Scale Price in Pakistan:

Just step on the scale and then you get an immediate readout of the weight with high precision. Track your health information about Muscle, Moisture, bone mass, BMR, Visceral fat, Body age, Body fat, Muscle weight, Amount of protein, BMI, body fat ratio(BFR), Weight. Data can be checked on its app by the name of JumperHealth via Bluetooth.


Shenzen Jumper Low-frequency pulse therapy instrument Price in Pakistan:

The Shenzen Jumper Low-Frequency Pulse Therapy instrument comes with wonderful electronic patch combination, feel the third dimension of acupuncture, scratch, massage, beating and drawing and a large LCD display, functions are shown on screen

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