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Sweep Away the Grim and Germs

Cleanliness is important. It is the first thing the person is judged of. It’s not even about judging, it’s about your personal hygiene. A hygienic person would always have everything in order and would make sure that each and every particle of his/her home shines.

Cleanliness is faith, cleanliness is how you define your surroundings to be. Home is the place which clearly signifies one’s personality. Your home speaks more about you than you yourself ever can. It reflects your strong character and high standards. It is not the apple that keeps the doctor away, but cleanliness. However, most people do have a spot on homes but the worst bathrooms. There is nothing worse than going to someone’s home and requiring to use the toilet and it is dirty!

The bathroom just appears to attract the dirt and the grime and it is often one of the toughest areas to keep tidy. Anywhere in the home, the clutter is still bearable, but when the bathrooms are cluttered, they send an instant unhygienic alert. An uncleaned toilet will smell, there is no getting around this point, you must clean your toilet to prevent that odor. It is the place where all the germs and bacteria start their attacks on the human body. Therefore, the toilets need to be sanitized daily. To help you with your bathroom cleaning routine and killing off all the germs and bacteria along with that nasty smell, Goto Pakistan provides you with a bathroom cleaning assistant, Harpic Pakistan, which through its amazing formula, not only make your toilet spotless, but also germ and bacteria free, leaving a fresh fragrance of hygiene.

Harpic Perfect Clean Price in Pakistan: Get sparkling clean, hygienic and neat toilet with Harpic Perfect Clean range. With the amazing Harpic formula, it fights the toughest stains and cleans up your toilet from all the germs and bacteria leaving it with a subtle fragrance of cleanliness and hygiene. A strong disinfectant and cleaning liquid which makes your bathroom equally hygienic and neat as the rest of the home.

Harpic Fresh Clean Price in Pakistan: With a combination of fresh fragrances and thick formula to ensure maximum surface coverage, Harpic bathroom, and toilet cleaners makes the task of toilet cleaning less annoying. Get unbeatable cleaning with Harpic Fresh Clean and make your toilets and bathrooms free from all germs and bacteria.

Harpic Tough Clean Price in Pakistan: Make your bathroom and toilets 100% spotless and germ-free with Harpic Tough Clean. Hapric Germ and Stain Blaster, clings to the toilet surface and removes the toughest stains and kills the sturdiest germs and get your bathrooms and toilets supreme clean along with a refreshing scent.

Not only the surface and sanitary items need cleansing, but all the rest of the accessories need to be perfectly purified to ensure a 100% germ-free bathroom. To make sure that each and every corner of the bathroom is perfectly cleansed, Goto Pakistan offers Harpic Extra Strong Bathroom Cleaning Spray which reaches every corner and curve to make sure that it is spotlessly clean. It is suitable to be used on tiles, taps, tubs, shower panels, ceramic surfaces, stainless steel and granite surfaces to lift up the toughest bathroom dirt, hard water stains, lime scale deposit and every other impurity.


Harpic Regular Clean Price in Pakistan:

HARPIC FLUSHMATIC Price in Pakistan: A touch-free deep cleansing ball of magic. This is a drop-in tank tablet which works from inside the cistern to release a power punch of detergent with every flush. It helps to maintain a hygienic and perfumed toilet and prevent the build-up of any sort of stains.

HARPIC HYGIENIC Price in Pakistan: Make your bathroom shine and deodorized with the Harpic Hygienic. Harpic Hygienic Toilet Rim Block disinfects your toilet and helps to keep it clean and fresh with every flush so that your toilet stays sanitized and refreshingly fragranced all day long.

HARPIC WHITE AND SHINE BLEACH Price in Pakistan: For a quick action on your stains, and an unbeatable deep cleansing, Harpic White, and Shine Bleach is everything that your toilet needs. Clean away all the annoying stains and odor with this magical bleach and make your toilet shine and be germ-free.

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